The Dinner Game, on Comedy Central (Sky), the new sitcom 'live' shot in theater

May 12, 2013 – 00:00

The lounge is a popular restaurant, a kitchen with all its secrets, the two managers unpredictable with their staff very 'special', a varied clientele, suppliers outside the box ... and then the guests of the episode, the errors of the protagonists and a very active audience here is the extra menu to laugh at "Comedy Central - The Dinner Game, " the new sitcom 'live' shot in theater in the presence of the public. sitcom The will be aired on Comedy Central (Sky channel 122) from 13 May, every Monday at 21.00.

Max Cavallari (Prickly India) plays Max Pizzeria, the chef of the restaurant very naive. A real talent of the kitchen with great skill who juggles between ingredients and delicious recipes. Often clashes with his cousin Pizzeria Giorgio (Giorgio Verduci), but the three of room suffering from acute perfectionism, moralistic, intolerant and incredibly attached to the money.

In the restaurant of the Cousins ​​Pizzeria interwoven stories and reports all laugh. The aim of the two operators is to gain a prominent place in the prestigious restaurant guide 'L'escargot d'argent', of course, the road to glory is littered with obstacles and misunderstandings, many of which were caused by the employees of the restaurant. A team deployed to the entire comedy that sees: the cashier Sonia (Raffaella Fico), as beautiful as unprepared, an expert on gossip and tv but totally incapable of bills and invoices, and the sommelier alcoholic Jacques L'Abat (Marco Della Noce) by doubt accent transalpine hypochondriac, talkative and with a huge ability to get into trouble, and the factotum of kitchen Bicio (Daniel Ronchetti), rebel genius who despite four degrees prefer to tinker between pots and pans, showing a real aversion to punctuality and the 'commitment.

A key role is played by the audience attending the theater and the registration of various episodes that can be projected on stage to play one of the characters as the customer of the restaurant, the boy of a store or the electrician called to solve a problem . Viewers at home can also enjoy ducks and errors of the protagonists, who will be part of the narrative in all respects and will be reported by the sound of a siren, and interact via twitter with the cast during the broadcast.

In each episode of "Comedy Central - The Dinner Game" there will also be the special guests such as Marco Bazzoni, Enzo Salvi, Sergio and Franco Sgrilli Trentalance, to name a few, also involved in their adventures / misadventures of Cousins ​​Pizzeria.


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