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August 28, 2013 – 23:45

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From left. to right: Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones, Girls and The Big Bang Theory

You've told here what their favorite series. As there is a taste for everything, today we reveal the most watched live on TV:

Game Of Thrones: lots of action, fantasy, romance and suspense. The power struggle between families wowed the audience in bloody HBO medieval drama based on the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George RR Martin.

True Blood: Speaking of blood and romance, more a saga that inserts supernatural beings in everyday life. Who here does not know the complicated case of Sookie and Vampire Bill in the Southern United States?

Girls: This is the comedy of the moment, which tells the misadventures of a group of girlfriends modern twentysomethings in New York, between moments of fun and embarrassment.

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2 Broke Girls: a girl of humble origin (outspoken) and other rich (and without much notion unlucky) saw waitresses in a restaurant. They dream of raising money to open a store cupcakes between tips and sung pierced.

The Big Bang Theory: the daily life of two physicists who share an apartment, the relationship with friends and beautiful neighbor. In this series beloved by nerds and the like, Sheldon and Leonard litters his dialogues with pop culture references.

The Vampire Diaries: based on the work of J. Smith, the plot shows that vampires are everywhere. Including the school of orphan Elena. The arrival of the vampire Stefan will put upside down life in the town of Mystic Falls.

Sony Entertainment Television CSI: detective wants to play every day? In this crime series, a group of forensic scientists in the department of criminology Las Vegas unveils unusual cases.

Once Upon A Time: What if fairy tales were real? Her stepmother would be an evil queen. And the inhabitants of their city would be characters from magical legends, long forgotten. All this because of a mysterious spell, as Henry discovers the boy, who has the task of freeing everyone.

Glee: the musical about a group of college students McKinley, who do everything to beat rivals Vocal Adrenaline. Everything for winning the leading American pop songs to primetime.

Modern Family: a different family animates this comedy that explores the theme of diversity in contemporary relationships.

Walking Dead: TV phenomenon in the current, this series devotes zombies as icons of our culture. In this drama, human trying to survive in a hostile environment, where often the greatest danger is the very distrust between them.

Breaking Bad: what does a chemistry teacher with no courage, no future and no money, when he discovers have inoperable cancer? He throws it all away and decides to join a former student to manufacture and sell methamphetamine. Thus, as a cruel villain, goes to support his family.

Battlestar Galactica: in a galaxy far, happens a holy war between humans and Cylons, robots infiltrated. The last survivors try to find a new place to live and reorganize society.

Sony Spin
Teen Wolf: Day, Scott is a student. At night, he turns into a werewolf. Dramatic version of the '80s comedy, the series shows the character in trying to understand their new condition, subject to dangerous consequences created by his alter-ego.

So much to see, huh? The current series shows that it is possible to hold the attention of crowds, seasons on end, thanks to great scripts, daring and, in some cases, very special effects oO

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