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August 29, 2013 – 00:26

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Bettina Oneto (born in Lima, August 27, 1957) is an actress , comedian , stand-up comedian , producer and singer Peruvian .

Daughter of comedian Carlos Oneto , debuted as a singer in a restaurant with a band in Toronto , Canada . He married rocker Richard "Bimbo" Macedo ( drummer of the group The Mad's ), with whom she had her first child: Young Shantall Oneto . In 1978 he returned to Peru , where he began acting with Pepe Vilar , in the theater program as in the theater, as well as participated in different programs, comedy and Reliving Peruvian.

In 1981 he debuted as showgirl revue in the General Strike, in coffee theater "La Gata Caliente". Then he went to reside in New York where he attended courses in singing, drama and dance. He returned to Peru, where he made ​​the music magazine The valatos 85, under the direction of Ephraim Aguilar , with Anali Cabrera , Doris Knight and Rodolfo Carrión. Participated in theater cafés as in "The Attic", "Sachariel", "Canout", "Monarisa", "The Grin" and "Pimpernel". From 1985 to 1988 he worked on "The Orchestra Carlos Brescia".

Oneto performed at the Peruvian National Theatre in the play The Blue Bird playing "Night". Years later he married the footballer Carlos Lazon, with whom she had two children: Taski and Joel. In 1998 participated in the works directed by Osvaldo Cattone With sex not played, Annie, wife Husband more like disaster, Filomena Marturano and The Vagina Monologues. Then entered the sitcom laughs and salsa , and participated in theater from the theater.

In 2000 appeared in "The Ravine station" the work The show's me that because of his success lasted three years. The following year he released the self-titled album showing the work recorded live show. 1 ] En 2007 protagonizó la obra de drama Matrimonio a la peruana , [ 2 ] [ 3 ] y en 2008 lanzó El espectáculo sigo siendo yo que recopila diversas presentaciones realizadas ese año. In 2006 he performed at the show her mother's daughter. [1] In 2007 he starred in the drama play the Peruvian Marriage, [2] [3] and in 2008 launched The show still me that collects various presentations made ​​this year.

4 ] In 2011 he starred in the television series La Bodeguita. [4]

5 ] [ 6 ] In 2012 celebrated 36 years of artistic life with the show Viva La Vida. [5] [6]

7 ] During May to August of the same year he participated in the musical Hairspray as Motormouth Maybelle, under the direction of Juan Carlos Fisher in the Japanese Peruvian Theatre . [7]

8 ] He then competed in the dance reality show The Big Show . [8]

  • Theatre as in the theater (1978)
  • The Peruvian comedy
  • Relive
  • Laughter and salsa (1997-1999)
  • Night of stars
  • Theatre from the theater
  • La Bodeguita (2011-2012) as "Aria".
  • The big show (2011) as a guest judge.
  • The big show (2012) as a Contestant.
  • Little Giants (2013) as a guest judge.


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