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By Ligia Aguilhar

Site will promote exclusive videos of comedians Brazilian event for the third week of June

SAO PAULO - YouTube announced on Wednesday, 5, a Brazilian version of Comedy Week, an event that will promote for a whole week programs, channels and lots of humor, with unique content for the occasion.

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From 17 to 24 June, skits, presentations impromptu stand-up comedians and performances with the success of the site, as well as new talents guests, will be featured on the event page on YouTube. Comedians channels 5minutes , Barbixas , descends the Letter , Felipe Neto , Galo Frito , Toothless Alligator , Marcos Castro , MasPoxaVida , paraphernalia , Back Door and Rafinha Bastos are some of the confirmed participants. A comedy show broadcast live on the platform from 19h on the 17th will start the program.

The Week is a version of the Comedy Comedy Week , themed event first launched by YouTube in May, the United States, with local comedians. Before coming to Brazil, Comedy Week was also held in the UK, North Africa and the Middle East.

Behind the initiative is a larger strategy to promote Google YouTube as an entertainment center with original content to be accessed daily. For this will give more visibility to unique programs of their most successful channels in an attempt to increase the number of subscribers and, consequently, advertisers, intensifying competition over the platform with TV channels. "The goal of Comedy Week is helping people find the content they like, sign and thus show what they like to YouTube so we can make it part of his daily experience on the site and make recommendations getting better" said Danielle Tiedt, vice president of marketing for YouTube.

Other themed events are on the horizon like Google. "The comedy is very strong in Brazil and is very important on YouTube, because it is always among the most viewed channels. But we also care about education, sports, news and music categories also important to which we dedicate ourselves after the comedy, "says Danielle.

A preliminary overview of the results of the event in other countries shows that the Week of Comedy increased by 40% the views of the channel participants and generated 250, 000 tweets on the subject.

A teaser with comedian Rafinha Bastos announcing the event in Brazil is already in the air (see below). More information about the Week of Comedy can be obtained on the official .


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