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We York, written and directed by Hervé Mimran & Nakache. With Leila Bekhti, Geraldine Nackache, Manu Payet, Nader Boussandel Baptiste Lecaplain. France. 1:35. Released November 7, 2012.

I do not know what to think ... Some scenes York We have worked well with me, either at humor or staging while others I have gone completely over: as Anything Shines was a great surprise from beginning to end, all the false suite (these are not the same characters but it looks like a lot ...) sail a bit between two waters, not knowing fully embrace the potential generational comedy that his assumption departure could have been expected.

Michael Nabil and Sylvain three thirty Nanterre, landed in New York by surprise on the occasion of the anniversary of Samia, their childhood friend. This is Gabrielle, also a lifelong friend who organized everything. The two friends left their city for two years to try their luck in the United States. Samia is the personal assistant of a famous actress with whom she shares a gorgeous apartment. Gabrielle, meanwhile, works in a nursing home where she tied a loving relationship with Ms. Hazan, a French placed here by his children.
Transposed to New York, the close ties always are particularly important at the rate of incidents of their stay, the New York daily for two friends and explore the city cult ...

BO pop, generic and stylized staging that marries the spleen in his thirties lack of benchmarks, Nous York is a bittersweet film that contrasts the current French comic production. Cradled by the American comedies and Saturday Night Live (Nakache worked on The Big Issue or Saturday night live decal famous U.S. show that a hilarious extract punctuates We York midterm), the young director always accompanied by Hervé Mimran, trying to offer an alternative to our hexagonal comedies feel a little naphthalene (Welcome to the Sticks). Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache on their excellent Intouchables So Close and had brought a breath of fresh healthy but unfortunately, despite the sympathy it inspires, We York turns out to be a breeze, too timid in its approach.

Where a Judd Apatow (Figure inevitable American comedy which France is trying to unlock its secrets, sometimes with real talent like Radiostars Romain Levy) succeeded brilliantly to make us lovable misfits characters of his films (Funny People) , Géaldine Nakache and Hervé Mimran fail to take an interest in this group of friends led by the impeccable yet Manu Payet, the fault of a script that has a tendency to bind the skits without actually create links between them and allow the characters to s install it in the narrative.



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So my step-sister lets her daughter watch

Shows where they say "fuck" and refer to sex in graphic ways, but not porn - it's British cable TV (they live in the UK).
Her daughter is 13.
Would you let your kid watch that kind of stuff at that age?
For example, there's a UK comedy show where the presenter was talking about "the scariest fairy tales". They said something like "Yes, Hanzel and Gretel is the scariest fairy tale. Hanzel represents the male sperm, the woodchopper the male essence, therefore the penis; the forest is pubic hair; the warts on the witches nose are STDs, and Gretel has sex with animals."

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  • Avatar leedeedi Any idea of how to get a play script published?
    Apr 13, 2009 by leedeedi | Posted in Theater & Acting

    I'm in the middle of writing a comedy script for the stage. Any idea how (once I have finished) I could get it published so anybody could perform it, in the UK?

    • Writing for theatre is very different to writing prose, novels or poems. Being published is not the best way to get your work performed. It almost always works the other way round in theatre: you get your play accepted b …roduce the play for you, going through this route is the way to production. Bear in mind that these theatre receive up to 2000 unsolicited scripts a year so a little patience may be required!

      Best of luck!

  • Avatar Suzianne Do you watch "Last of the Summer Wine" and wish you lived in Yorkshire?
    Jan 22, 2011 by Suzianne | Posted in Senior Citizens

    The show is played at 10 pm each weeknight on our public television station, and I rarely miss it. When I first saw the show, I was not impressed, but I have come to love the characters and I really enjoy the scenery. Most of my ancestors came from that part of England, and sometimes I wonder why they left. Yorkshire is beautiful.

    • This show makes me think of myself aging and it is very sentimental and poignant.The old guys are not well dressed and remind me of someone I knew who was impoverished. So it makes me sad but I like their adventures. And I like the theme music and of course the countryside. Since many episodes were filmed a long time ago, I wonder if people like them and the shopkeeper still exist.