MATHIEU DUCREZ SHOWCASE presented by the huge TV!

August 28, 2013 – 23:46

showcaseSHOWCASE is a showcase for the huge TV,literally and figuratively!

The huge TV is also a stage and studio anchored in the heart of the capital.SHOWCASE with the chain opens its doors to young talent and worship concerts showcases crazy ... broadcast live on the street through the window of the huge TV sound system!mathieu-ducrez Mythical artists become parade through the neighborhood,received by Mathieu Ducrez to the delight of our ears!

ShowCase - IAM:

ShowCase - BlackRain:

ShowCase - GiedRé:

Multifaceted artist Mathieu Ducrez is both comedian,presenter,writer,comedian,writer and director.
He began his career in 1999 by creating a series of skits on M6 music entitled "choreography".Mathieu Ducrez then takes to the star choreographers and choreographer to the stars,and without knowing any dance steps,decides to show the viewer how too,at home,he can dance like Michael Jackson,Prince,Madonna and James Brown 80 ... dance lessons immediate success which will then be rehabilitated on M6 in the show "Unisex".

Then it was the turn of emissions,Mathieu Ducrez presents "Flash Live" on M6 music: one hour live together with a musical guest.
It will then columnist for France 2 in "What's that about, " a show about inventions by Fred.Then to France 5 "Question science" and will lead to the same chain in 2006 in time for the strange "The whole night together, " a live broadcast from 7am in the night from Friday to Saturday.
Meanwhile,his career is diversifying,he alternated appearances in films,skits on M6 in "Faster than the music" on Canal + "Le Vrai Journal" Karl Zero,or "The Wonderful World of Chico" .Mathieu Ducrez is the first part of Eric and Ramzy,wrote sketches for "Samantha oops" involved in advertising campaigns and written texts for TV shows.

In 2008 Mathieu Ducrez bases its production structure: "The production of Matou" with whom he develops a series of sketches for 300 Orange,institutional films,internet viral campaigns,skits,the event and presentation programs TV.


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