Cultural Turn LIVE - Stand Up Comedy - 20h - Cultural Turn LIVE - Stand Up Comedy - 20h ...

August 28, 2013 – 23:45


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Leandro is Chemalle event photographer and DJ for over 15 years with experience in covering major events and festivals in the country as XXXperience,Sonar,SkolBeats,Skol Sensation,Lolapalloza,SWU,Rock in Rio,Sao Paulo Fashion Week,Carnival,ballads and college games and social events.Chemalle is collaborating SOUND DJ since 2002 and creator of the site BALADAFORTE.NET, one of the pioneers of the country on the air since 1998.Today is a column BALADAFORTE portal DJ SOUND and have their photo galleries published on page BALADAFORTE on Facebook.

Written by Leandro Chemalle
Sat,18 May 2013 20:17

Takes place this Saturday and Sunday in downtown São Paulo the 9th edition of the Cultural Turn,one of the biggest cultural events in the world,expects to receive more than 4 million people between the 18th 18h until 18h of May 19.As happens every year,DJ SOUND will be present,especially in electronic clues that this year have presented over 50 DJs We'll be looking at what is out and about in the city center and bringing everything in real time.This year we have something new,thanks to a partnership with Telefonica-Vivo, will be doing live broadcasts parts of sets and shows 4GPlus using the new technology,newly available in Sao Paulo.Ie short and stay connected on the fan-pages below and on twitter @ djsoundmag that anytime we go LIVE on our Youtube channel.

See LIVE Stage Stand Up Comedy in Cathedral Square - MC Fabio Silvestre. Danilo Gentili,Welcome Siqueira,Léo Lins,Márcio Ribeiro,Diogo Portugal and Fabio Lins.

See the schedule of lanes Cultural Turn in 2013



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