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August 28, 2013 – 23:46

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Ryan Lee Stiles (born April 22 of 1959 ) is a player U.S. - Canadian , comedian , editor , and voice actor whose work is often associated with improvisational theater . He is known for his improvisational work and co-production in British and American versions of Whose Line Is It Anyway? , and the role of Lewis Kiniski on The Drew Carey Show. Currently plays Herb Melnick on the set of CBS Two and a Half Men .

Stiles was born in Seattle, Washington , the youngest of five children. His father, Sonny, was a fishing plant supervisor. 1 ] Cuando tenía diez años, sus padres nacidos en Canadá se mudaron a Richmond, Columbia Británica . The name of his mother is Irene. [1] When he was ten, his parents born in Canada, moved to Richmond, British Columbia . At seventeen, he left high school, Richmond Secondaru, to pursue a career in comedy . He worked in his father's fish plant to live while a stand-up comedian in Punchlines Comedy Club in Vancouver, British Columbia and had a match improvisation . In 1986, Stiles was auditioned auditioned for a job at Second City.

In 1989, Stiles had gained the attention of the producers of the British improvisational comedy, Whose Line Is It Anyway? . Stiles was regularly on the show until 1998, and the production of short program allowed him to make numerous appearances in films and on television in the United States .

In 1995, Stiles was asked by American Drew Carey to be regular in his comedy The Drew Carey Show. Stiles played the best friend underperforming intelligent but Drew, Lewis Kiniski. The first line in the pilot episode of Stiles was, "And that's because the French do not wash, " is a line that he previously used in the episode of the British version of Whose Line?

In 1981, Stiles met Patricia McDonald at Punchlines where she was a waitress. They lived together for seven years before marrying in 1988. They have three children: James, Mackenzie, and Claire. 2 ] donde ha abierto el teatro Upfront, un teatro pequeño dedicado a la comedia de improvisación en vivo. [ 3 ] When not working in Hollywood, he lives in his home in Lake Samish, outside Bellingham, Washington, [2] which has opened the Upfront Theatre, a small theater dedicated to live improv comedy. [3]

4 ] Stiles once lived in a house that was owned by Liberace in Sherman Oaks, California, but sold. [4]

Year Title Paper Notes
1985 Rainbow War
1991 Hot Shots! 'Mailman' Farnham
1993 Hot Shots! Part Deux Rabinowitz
1997 Courting Courtney Chad Gross
2003 Nobody Knows Anything Harold unaccredited
2006 The Extra Clyde
2009 Astro Boy Mr. Mustachio Voice

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