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April 9, 2013 – 00:00

Ver tv gratis de pago

The best internet TV applications

Internet TV is the future live channels where we can see football Live and PPV directly from pages or from an android application.

The solution to enjoy thousands of live channels a la carte internet tv sitting in front of your computer or struggling with pages that are broken during a football game live,just need to install some applications that connects us globally with all the best channels live.

As an option for when we are out and about on your mobile or connect through our PC,Android TV dongle or internet to our screens.

In this section we discuss the various applications related to viewing TV channels live and online internet calls worldwide free TV online:

Free TV Online

The best by far is the application of live TV free TV online, it is an Android app that allows us to see more than 1000 channels live online constantly updating and with the peculiarity of allowing us to see live channels of C + on your PC ,Mobile or Android tablet.

This application can only find for Android offers live tv viewing over 55 Countries

Among the free live channels offered in Spain payment are:

Free Live TV channels:

TV1,TV2,Antena 3,Antena 3HD,Telecinco,Cuatro HD,HD Sixth,TVE HD,Nine,Clan TV,Teledeporte Megatrix,Neox,Nova,Boing,TV3,Nitro,,the Seven,XTRM,Xplora ,Super 3,324,Channel 33,Esport 3 All Spanish regional channels,Discovery Channel,Discovery Max ... etc.

Live Channels free payment:

Big Brother 24 H,Factoria fiction,History,Hollywood Channel,Fox crime,SyFy,Comedy Central,Gol TV,Channel +1,+2 Channel,Sports Channel,Canal + Futbol,​​Canal + Liga,Champions League Canal +,Canal + Golf,Canal + Action Canal + Dcine,`Comedy Channel,Canal + Extra,Real Madrid TV,Celtic TV,TNT HD,Calle 13,Paramount Channel,National Geographic ... etc

If a live channel does not work,we can send in a single click does not work notice and within hours allowing solve it again to view it.

In case you do not have flash player installed to view live channels can download it here:

Flash Player Installer

Because of its great variation live TV Channels for free, the picture and sound quality and outstanding performance we consider the best application to view live tv in this section,combined with an Android-TV or a Samsung Dongle you can enjoy Allsharecast watch internet tv on your TV directly.

To combine this great Android application we always know this one for programming of live channels.
This is C + digital channel now very advisable.

C + programming now

Online Application for Free Football watch football live

For football lovers have this fantastic application that allows you to see live football channels without the typical payment cuts that we have used the internet tv.
You can choose your matches live directly according to schedule without having to search a lot,also offers different alternatives among themselves and live soccer goal and football live tv channel league.

TV Gratis Online canales en vivo


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Misleading scam

As an example you'll get hundreds of channels of Albanian Yak racing for sports -- after all these are channels gleaned from all over the world, but no major sports. Dozens of channels of Persian, Farsi talk t.v. Maybe some reruns of "Green Acres" in Swedish. So it is true that you'll get all of those channels. But you will find virtually all of them useless.
Try this FREE internet site -- that someone here turned me on to. OVGUIDE.COM. This connects you to dozens of sites where you can watch "Premium" cable shows for free, as well as standbys like Comedy Central, MSNBC and the like

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