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Review: Ken Hughes - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

August 28, 2013 – 23:46

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6 / 10 Comedy Review of Leonardo Romano Caractacus, eccentric inventor without a penny in his pocket, he tries to sell Toot Sweets, delicious bon bon, industrialist Scrumptious, but without success. Undaunted invents a wonderful car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, with which - along with his two sons and Stella, daughter of Scrunptious - live fantastic adventures in a kingdom far away. Although the trip was only a dream wedding come true with Stella.

Take one of the stars of "Mary Poppins" (the lanky Bert, Dick Van Dyke . Yet many years before it became a detective in the lane), take the two composers of " Mary Poppins "(the Sherman Brothers, awarded the Academy Award just a few years before) and logic should have another " Mary Poppins ", right?

Well ... Unfortunately, you have reckoned without his host.

Quite freely based on a novel by Ian Fleming (the father of the much more successful James Bond), the film has a flaw rather egregious to be matched to its model of musical fairy tale for children starring the most famous singing nanny history film: it is simply inconsistent.

Which is not to say that this musical is despicable (although the music of Sherman, though pleasant, I am not really memorable to be honest), but leaves a feeling of what a certain emptiness, of having lost a couple of hours, in substance mainly because this musical fairy tale is too childish and silly in order to please them unconditionally once you set foot in compulsory education: too imaginative plot, leggerina, a little 'too piagnucolosetta, which has nothing to offer but a succession of pleasant romps but no substance (ie with an approach a thousand miles away from that of "Mary Poppins" in which the surface fantastic hiding something much deeper: in fact " Mary Poppins "has become a classic still alive in our memory, while " Chitty Chitty Bang Bang "is a faded memory even for the children of the '60s).

However, this little film can be fun at times with its catchy music, but does not change you certainly existed. However, we are faced with a musical not insignificant that, although occasionally limping, comes without any major hitches at the end (in addition can boast, in the Italian version of a dubbing luxury features: the CDC afford to Squaderno everlasting talents as Maria Pia Di Meo, Cesare Barbetti, Oreste Lionello, Carlo Romano and Rosetta Calavetta - dialogues - and as many monstrous talent as the immortal Tina Centi in one of his most distinctly soprano of his career and the most excellent and as usual polished Gianni Marzocchi).

As for the actors, Dick Van Dyke is nice and lanky as usual, but its role does not allow him to leave an indelible impression as he did a few years earlier with the chimney sweep Bert. Same goes for Sally Ann Howes - cute, sings like an angel (in fact replaced Julie Andrews as Eliza in "My Fair Lady" at the theater, so we wanted someone with a little 'of talent to not regret it) - but also for her it's the same argument made ​​for Dick Van Dyke : not particularly memorable role that whittled away a little 'wings. Small curiosity: in the cast, in a secondary role but not marginal, there is a young Benny Hill (disguised as an old man and voiced by Oreste Lionello went from Dick Van Dyke to British comedian), a few year before we became famous for his comic launched from the springboard for the "Drive In" horror Antonio Ricci.


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