Joaquin Phoenix is ​​the new Andy Kaufman?

June 25, 2010 – 00:00

When Joaquin Phoenix appeared last year in the trendy program interviews Mr. Letterman, wearing a black jacket style "rental dog" (read A Better Tomorrow John Woo), sunglasses and a beard to envy in rabbis early career, everyone is scared. Worse than its visual statement was "bombastic" that the actor was leaving the profession to become ... A singer of hip-hop! During the interview he seemed upset, barely spoke and almost did not even look on the face of the interviewer. David Letterman thanked the end "by Joaquin Phoenix has not been with us that night."

fez o youtube me lembrar de outra entrevista realizada nos anos 80, com o então comediante Andy Kaufman, também para o Sr. Letterman . The episode reminded me youtube made ​​me remember another interview conducted in the 80s, with then comedian Andy Kaufman, also to Mr. Letterman. On occasion, Andy demonstrated to be unhappy, and coughing every 10 seconds. Letterman then asks comedian to do a number of stand-up comedy and the approach the microphone, Kaufman begins to tell the story of your life. As had been discovered in a bar by businessman Shapiro and how he had become part of the cast of the TV series "Taxi". To be interrupted by laughter from the audience, he repeated the phrase "Guys, this is serious, is the story of my life." At the end of the number, he took the opportunity to quit the program publicly and say that his wife had left him, and was now no money. "I know that sounds cliché, but any contribution is welcome." The audience plays a few coins on the stage, and Andy picking out one by one.

For those who saw the film "Man on the Moon" in which Jim Carrey plays Andy Kaufman, also realized as the film itself was mounted to deceive the viewer, just the same way that Andy did while he was alive. This trick of manipulating the audience is doing all think he was a foreigner who barely spoke English, but wanted to imitate historical figures, and then surprise everyone with a perfect imitation of Elvis Presley (the one approved by the king), or still change the image horizontally on the TV in order to make the viewer up from the chair to see if there was any problem with your TV, all this nonsense humor and extremely original is resurfacing again. Be with Borat (in this case differs slightly, since the actor was previously unknown) and now with Joaquin Phoenix - an actor best remembered for his dramatic performances Oscar nominees and also the younger brother, who committed suicide at a young age, but that is little remembered today.


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