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August 28, 2013 – 23:47

BBC News - Portmeirion Festival Number 6 inspired by Prisoner TV

The comedy film genre is a branch of dramatic which is mainly characterized by its main characters are faced with the difficulties of everyday life and so they face the same making people laugh or your "public", in pursuing their own defects to happy endings where flouts human weakness. Comedy is a work that presents a most humorous scenes and situations or festive. The comedy was created in the mid-nineteenth century, it is very important to society because it was the genre that inspired the movie genres. He was the first means of cinematic expression.

The comedy originates in the Greek world, but unfolds throughout medieval and early modern to this day [ citation needed ].

As features, the character protagonist usually ordinary and pose a archetype , ie liar , charlatan , braggart , mischievous , love , etc., is also credulous and unconscious and, unlike the tragedy , where the protagonist has a profound ethical sense, in comedy the protagonist considers his moral character as a quality not important, allowing you to be very vital, although this is rather an obstacle for the character.

Therefore, the dramatic conflict is often, most of the time, with society, besides himself, so struggle to overcome the obstacles that prevent himself or made ​​this society.

Comedy is, along with the tragicomedy , one of the classic forms of drama Greek , and one of the three dramatic genres called realistic .

The comedy shows exaggeratedly our vices and defects, with a moralizing and educational. The comedy, then ridicules the vices or bad habits to correct through laughter. However, this is not correct in those who practice, but represents a preventive method to prevent others acquire it

While comedy recurring themes are deception, theft, mockery and fraud, the issues are often problems of ordinary people who have flaws, weaknesses and vices.

It is usually generated by a defect of character of the protagonist . This vice is contrary to nature welfare of the community in which the protagonist lives. Social welfare is relative to the time and place. The vice of character main character leads him to be a transgressor of that society, which goes beyond the limits of the "desirable" and therefore should be punished, which means that the character is punished socially vicious, ie, it is ridiculed .

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