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Sugar Sammy in India with Comedy Central | Eric Clement

August 28, 2013 – 23:46

Live recap: Mel Smith dead at 60 and UK mourns a comedy favourite

Press has learned that Montreal comedian of Indian origin will be on stage in Bangalore, March 15 in Delhi and 16 in Mumbai on 17.

"I'll go talk to them about Quebec sovereignty!" He said with a laugh.

Sugar Sammy leave Montreal on March 10 to participate in a promotional campaign of his tour in the Indian radio and TV. This association with the American chain resulting broadcast, August 15, 2012, on Comedy Central India, recording Live in Montreal / Live from Montreal. The audience rating in India was very important.

"The response has been really amazing, even on my social networks, ensures Sugar Sammy. Comedy Central has found that there was perhaps a request for me. This is the first time they produce someone live. "


Already present in the Indian subcontinent, Sugar Sammy has the wind in its sails.

The Hollywood Reporter put it in its list of "10 best comedians in the making" and Pollstar, the publication of the entertainment industry, was ranked 30th among the most lucrative tour in North America for three last month.

Sugar Sammy is sure to be part of the international network Comedy Central, launched in 2006 in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Israel and Spain.

More than one million people follow Comedy Central India on Facebook.

"The scale is so different over here, Sugar Sammy said. It is eight million, and they, more than a billion! My parents were born in India are very proud to see me go. They think I'm going to get a woman there and I'm getting married! My mother told me: "When you have time, go and see if there is someone you can bring!" "

In four languages

For four years, Sugar Sammy has performed in England, the United States, Dubai, South Africa, Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, Mumbai and Delhi in 2009, and of course, Canada . He made all continents except South America.

Back to India, it will four performances of her new show at the Olympia, including once on March 30, for his Indian fans. He will present, for the first time in a Hindi / Punjabi / English French / version.

The comedian then continue its tour of Quebec until the fall of 2014 before embarking on a Canadian tour. "And I will continue to explore other territories, such as France, India, the Middle East and the United States ..."


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Her daughter is 13.
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    I'm reading Second City TV: Behind the Scenes all about the early days of this great sketch comedy show. I'm not very far and my favourite thing so far is that all these comic geniuses lived at this one house in Toronto like John Candy, Eugene Levy, Martin Short and it also said they had parties where people like Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Rick Moranis, and Dave Thomas would attend too and now I want to live there haha, so much history!

    • Well i finally finished "million little pieces" amazing book by the way, now i finally got to start "the girl with the dragon tattoo" only got done the first chapter so far

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