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August 28, 2013 – 23:47

Channel 13

El Trece (Canal 13) is a television Argentina and the main station in the same network, located in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Now you can watch Live 13 from anywhere in the world through mitv (Live).

Channel 13 of Buenos Aires began broadcasting in 1960. The station was authorized to Proartel SA, owned by Cuban Goar Mestre License. In mid-1960, Editorial Atlantida shares bought CBS and Time-Life, and channel 13 began to compete strongly with the other two channels broadcast privately owned Buenos Aires.

In those years the channel live 13 year produced some of the great hits Argentina TV: Watching a program like Biondi, a humorous show centered on characters from Pepe Biondi, The Falcon Family, with renowned Argentine actor Peter Quartucci, The Nut, a humorous sketches based show, and the great success of Telecataplum, starring a group of comedians innovative Uruguayans.

In 1974, the government of Juan Domingo Peron nationalized the Canal 13, along with two other privately owned stations of Buenos Aires, with the aim of carrying out a European-style politics, the media, where television was monopolized (almost) by the State. The station, however, remained under public until 1989.

In 1991, after privatization, Channel 13 Live was a radio and television Arte Argentino SA (Artear), whose largest shareholder is the company that publishes the newspaper "Clarín". Since then, the station has remained second in the ratings in Buenos Aires, from time to time up to first place. In the 90s the station attracted a young audience with popular weekly sitcoms like Russian Roulette, The Band of Gold Key rockets and Sun This shows still on the air in back, a cable station owned by the same Argentine company issuing TV classic.

Stars from Channel 13

Live Channel 13 has some of the most popular TV stars and journalists in Argentina, such as Santo Biasatti, Enrique Macaya Márquez, Marcelo Bonelli, Maria Laura Santillan and the late George Ginzburg. 's Flagship nightly television show is Telenoche. It is the number one news program in Argentina.

Channel 13 has always had two Pol-ka fictions in the air, a daily and weekly series. Since 2006, Showmatch, Tinelli show, which airs four times a week. Channel 13 is the number 1 from Monday to Friday in primetime, but generally loses Telefe, which is the number 1 station in the country since 1990. Ideas del Sur, the production company Tinelli, is responsible for the fiction of production tarde.Compañía other that works exclusively for the channel is Designed paragraph Television.

Live Channel 13 suffered a major crisis in 2005 when the battle between Susana Gimenez and Marcelo Tinelli Telefe Channel 9 ended up hurting the rating of the channel 13 live in primetime. This situation was reversed by hiring more celebrity Argentina, Diego Maradona, to present a variety program, once a week. In 2006, Channel 13 hired Marcelo Tinelli.


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