Interview with Cristela Alonzo, America in the Juste pour Rire "comedy about stereotypes should be more thought"

August 28, 2013 – 23:45

Interview with Cristela Alonzo, America in the Juste pour Rire "comedy about stereotypes should be more thought"

Cristela Alonzo in Montreal

Cristela Alonzo is a smart girl and criticism. Breaks with the cliché of serious comedian off the stage, because his sentences are often accompanied by laughter, genuine laughter. And no, not everything is a joke, but it seems to rejoice the day looking for the positive things that lives. She and the people around her.

Mexican mother-the person you most admire in the world-Cristela is part of that generation of Latinos seeking its place in the United States. What has been achieved thanks to the stand up comedy, which he confesses, wanted to make since childhood when I saw on TV from his home in Rio Grande Valley, Texas, the great Chespirito. And boy has done it: this girl is not only part of the international line-up of Juste pour Rire in Montreal held every year, but you have already recorded a special The Half Hour Comedy Central and doors has a contract to do a sitcom about his life from the hand of 20th Century Fox

His shows are full of the reality of the Latin American giant U.S.. Speak from your own reality, many of the jokes revolve around his childhood and growing up to be poor-and thus joins comedy stereotypes that led to the summit to other greats like Russell Peters or own Sugar Sammy. But Cristela want to go to the next level. He says he does not want to show just how are Latinos in Los Angeles, New York or Chicago. Its goal is to give a voice and show at the same time, we can all move to the next level and not be part of the role box shown on them in many scenarios.

On his shows, his goals, his vision of stand up comedy in general and the vision of the U.S. Latino, Cristela Alonzo spoke exclusively with News Montreal, thanks to its presence in the city to appear in The Ethnic Show the Juste pour Rire .'s will see this Friday and Saturday in two shows at the Metropolis and the last show at Club Soda.

- Is there a limit on the comedy based on the stereotype?

-When I see comedy about stereotypes, especially Latinos, there are always many comments like "Latinos are so and so", but what I like to do is write jokes that are completely different on the other things we have and where we seem . One of my jokes talking about, say, how I grew up without much money and when you grow up without having much money you learn to live without certain things, such as air conditioning or food allergies. When you're poor you have food allergies, and it shows that we are Latinos and people. Grew up being poor and jokes that I do, I leave out the how we are "Latinos loves tacos, beer .."-Ok, What we know is the other part of Latinos? live in Los Angeles and there are over 30 million Latinos in the United States, but there are not many to speak for them. want to make sure, or at least try, to make jokes different for even and giving a voice to other Latinos. I think when I see the audience expects something else, but then realize I express things like "Latino? Removing jobs to Americans?" No, that's not true. We do jobs that others will not.'s Comedy about stereotypes should be more thought, smarter and different than what people expect.


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