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U.S. comedy show takes a bead on Google Glass

August 28, 2013 – 23:45


Google Glass, the data glasses of search engine giants, have for months been busy bloggers, tech experts and geeks. Currently, Google developers get handed Glass, who had already registered at the Google I / O 2012 for it. They should develop with the first copies apps to allow sufficient applications are available for the mass start in 2014. The U.S. entertainment show "Saturday Night Live" has already taken the mickey Google Glass tidy and their use driven into the absurd.

In the network there are already a lot of discussion about Google Glass. While a glass partying than revolution, increasing concerns are raised as to whether devices such as Google Glass pose a threat to privacy, or even dangerous to the road when a vehicle is steered.

In the serious discussions, but also mix a few parodies that treat the subject differently. Glass was last Google (a successful U.S. comedy show, broadcast since 1975) in the popular Saturday Night Live show. Shown is a supposed tech blogger who has come to an interview in the show. By wild head movements that tried to control the data goggles and shall state that "no one will notice that glass is used". The voice commands do not work quite the tech bloggers and embarrassed at the end by an accidentally started porn.

Saturday Night Live has not made the first parody. Already circulating through the net many funny movies that take the new device targeted. One of the first video was "Google Glasses: A new Way to Hurt Yourself" (German for: "Google Glasses: A new way to get hurt") by Tom Scott.



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If any of you live in Kansas City, MO....

I hate you right now.
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First off, Google Fiber is only available in the test location of Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas). Google put out the call to many cities around the U.S. and K.C. won out. The rest of us will just have to sit back and drool at what it can do.
The most robust package is shown above. It includes one gigabit upload and download speed internet ("100 times faster than today's average broadband," Google claims

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