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August 28, 2013 – 23:46

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Gather in the Mushrooms
UK 12 (8 weeks)
Transistor radio
UK 24 (6 weeks)
Harvest of Love
UK 20 (8 weeks)
Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)
UK 1 (17 weeks)
Benny Hill (* January 21 1924 in Southampton , † April 20 1992 in Teddington , London; civil Alfred Hawthorn Hill) was a British actor , comedian and singer .

Benny Hill was when Alfred Hawthorne Hill in Southampton, Hampshire, England, and attended school there. After the Second World War he worked as a milkman, sellers, stage assistant and amateur actor. He made his television debut in 1949. In the early 1950s he became a popular radio host. In 1955 he was awarded with the BBC 's first television show. He made ​​his film debut in 1956 in the comedy Who Done It?.

In 1969 he moved from the BBC to Thames Television , and began his sketch series The Benny Hill Show, which was produced until 1989 and sold in over 100 countries there. The skits in which Hill always appeared in various guises and roles, were often marked by sexual ambiguity. Hill sat techniques such as slapstick , mime and parody , and thus became internationally popular British comedian. His shows have been in the United States far more appreciated than in his homeland. Hill was also a musician successful: in 1971, he had fun with his song, "Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)" for four weeks at No. 1 on the British charts .

1989 Thames Television's his show was canceled. Official reason was the sexual innuendo in his sketches, which were denounced by some as a woman disdaining, while others saw it as just harmless allusions to common human weaknesses. Real reason was declining ratings, which resulted from ongoing repetitions. Hill retired in 1991 and started a new series in the United States: Benny Hill's World Tour, from the Hills before death but only one episode in New York could be produced.

Hills health deteriorated from the mid-1980s, he suffered from heart problems. The doctors told him in 1992 that he absolutely had to go on a diet, and recommended him a bypass surgery , which he refused. He died on 20 , 1992, probably of a heart attack, isolated in his apartment in Teddington, London, where he was found a few days later. It was said that he was buried with all his jewelry. When his grave was broken several times, the grave was sealed with a concrete slab on the orders of his relatives.


Doug Stanhope: No Refunds
Movie ()

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I've talked before about Harmon Leon

He's funny and he's having a show this Friday.
HARMON LEON comedian and author of "THE HARMON CHRONICLES" presents a multi-media show featuring video footage and monologue of his infiltrating such reality TV shows as: -THE JAMIE KENNEDY EXPERIMENT, -PENN & TELLER’S SHOWTIME SERIES, -The game show WHAMMY!, -The MICHAEL JACKSON media circus. Harmon has performed around the globe including the Montreal Edinburgh and Melbourne Comedy Festivals. His true-life infiltrating exploits which have appeared in such magazines as Details, Salon, Stuff and the Wave. "One funny motherfucker!" Jimmy Kimmel/Jimmy Kimmel Live "A master of understated comedy

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    Hiya, i need help on setting out an biography, my biography is on Lee Evans, it needs to be paraphrased and enough to guarantee me a space in top classes in English GCSE, i has to be about 150-200 words so its a bit hard, any help would be appreciated.

    • Sure. Here you go.

      Lee Evans (born 25 February 1964) is an English comedian, writer, actor and musician.
      Lee Evans was born in Avonmouth, Bristol, England to an Irish mother and a Welsh father, Dave ….

      Evans was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Anglia Ruskin University on 24 November 2009. This was followed by a second Doctorate from the University of East London on 9 December 2010.


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    Hi I would like to move to England from the US but don't know where to start. There are a multitude of reasons why I would like to move there. Any help would be beneficial. Even the most minute details like cost and places. I would like small town over Big city or Country side. Thanks!

    (same question is posted in immigration didn't know which would be the better location)

    • Hi~ well, as everyone else has said, its hard. but not impossible....

      you also dont say your age etc, but ill guess youre in high school or college? and start with that.

      there are three main opt …and the country are like (wet, really. but grouchy. but kinda nice).
      good luck!

      (oh! i forgot! the other way you can settle here is if you have a brit grandparent. that would give you citizenship too).