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Bruce origin Guangdong Shunde in 1940 was born on November 27 in San Francisco, the dragon, phoenix fine nicknames, the English name Bruce Lee, Chinese formerly known as Li Zhenfan (said to be "the revitalization of San Francisco" meaning), family name Source Xin, in five brothers and sisters ranked second. Says Bruce Lee still in its infancy in the time, the Hollywood film "Golden Girls" need a Chinese baby photographed, hold to go Bruce Lee. If this is true, it should be regarded as the movie star's debut it. His father named MEDICAL AND. ...... You might ask: Why MEDICAL AND the son dressed as a painting looks like it? Because this is a classic appearance MEDICAL AND himself. MEDICAL AND is a very well-known in the Guangdong region comedian, one of opera's four famous ugly, often with the whole family around the world tour, and this is the reason Bruce Lee was born in the United States. Bruce Lee's mother He Jintang half German descent, Yung Yan Junxiu Bruce Lee was three months old when the family returned to Hong Kong to live. Thereafter until eighteen years old, Bruce has been living in Hong Kong. This is the age of five Bruce Lee family portrait. Young Bruce Lee has been very handsome, coupled with his father's relationship with the entertainment industry, he became a more well-known stars. He starred in the first Hong Kong movie is "Riches, " was six years old, studying at La Salle College Primary Section. Bruce participated in filming and more, during school holidays, sometimes also participate in after-school shooting. In order not to delay his studies, theater director as his arrangements at night. Bruce Lee in the film career showed strong professionalism, according to family memories, to make a movie, Bruce Lee would go to bed after dinner, go to the studio, my mother a call to wake up, hands neatly dressed pack, full of energy with his father out, filming never late. But as a student, he is a naughty boy, class and do not listen, do not read the next lesson, after many drop out after changing schools, barely finished junior high school. Bruce Lee was always played in the film also questions some of the problems of children or teenagers, casual demeanor, cynicism, and looked quite late Bruce Lee's action has been a unique style of performance. Eighteen years before the United States, Bruce Lee appeared in 22 Cantonese in Hong Kong movies, there had used the stage name "Lee", "small MEDICAL AND" and so on. Critics have called for the performing arts genius. Bruce Lee's early film masterpieces. Early Bruce Lee kung fu movies have not acted, instead, that played a lot of dramas. This is the "Thunderstorm" to play two Master Zhou Chong. Eighteen years of age, Lee entered St. Francis Xavier's College high school This period of Bruce Lee is a standard fashion youth, a big hobby is a girlfriend. Another hobby is motorcycle. Another hobby is dancing. Bruce Lee is a 1958 Hong Kong Open champion cha-cha, I did not expect it, in fact, my dancing is also good, hehe Of course, his biggest hobby is martial arts. Speaking of Bruce Lee's martial arts reason, not because he was born of the "masterpiece Wu Xueqi only", just because a child he was physically frail and need to exercise conditioning, so only seven meters tall three degrees of myopia up to one thousand, two leg length difference of an inch of Bruce Lee embarked on the road of martial arts. His first teacher was her father MEDICAL AND, is said to be a tai chi master, from Bruce Lee to teach his seven starts practicing tai chi. The age of thirteen, Bruce Lee worship the first one true master: Wing Chun master Ip Man. Ip Man Wing Chun connotation for insightful: "Wing Chun stressed that soft fast, rather than force ......" In Ip Man's tune, Bruce systematically studied Wing Chun, at home, set up a stake, every day facing the stakes diligent practice stopped working. In addition, he also practiced Fist, White Crane, Tan legs, Shaolin boxing, etc., also studied boxing boxing, boxing side to participate in training courses, while saving pocket money to buy the world champion Lewis boxing match documentaries, which Learning champion footwork, agility, boxing and training methods. Shaohan Sheng is dragons, another master. He said in an interview: "I made ​​a deal and Bruce Lee, I taught him martial arts, he taught me dance. Ordinary people to three to four weeks to learn my basic footwork, Bruce Lee only spent three nights get schooling verse, but he later did not teach me to dance (laughs) ...... " Eighteen-year-old high school, when Bruce Lee's family wanted him to hurry back to the U.S. in order to confirm U.S. citizenship Bruce then has grown into a strong young man, who won the Hong Kong Schools boxing champion, outside the stadium, and often even high school students and students fighting. According to James Wong, his old memories, as Bruce Lee's students, he also survive Bruce Lee's Fist, many years later he joked in a television program, said: "Now I know lost is inevitable, who had played Bruce Lee ah???" According to tests, the adult Bruce Lee Quanjin up more than twice his own body weight, such efforts can be few people in the world and, even in his youth, punch shot, presumably also overwhelming. In fact, because of Bruce Lee fighting too many records, always face police prosecution, and this is his family wanted him to leave Hong Kong as soon as another reason May 1959, Lee came to settle in the United States, in order to make a living teaching people to dance In September, he moved to Seattle, enrolled Edison Technical School classes during the day, at night in Chinatown restaurant waiter in exchange for room and board, began to work part time career. This time Bruce Lee, suddenly became a hardworking good student, although continue to adhere to in their spare time to practice martial arts, but no longer fight. 1961, Lee graduated from high school in May with honors admitted to Washington State University, majoring in philosophy Bruce loves philosophy, good thinking, philosophy permeates his life, career and life, in his many conversations are reflected: - Empty your cup, before being re-filled. - In can not have laws to infinite as limited. - If the knowledge to go along with the traditional model, you can only survive in the shadow of the traditional, old ways just to know, you do not know yourself. - On something as worthless, but also gutsy performance; on something as absolute success or deemed course, this is also a gutsy performance; But if helpless about something, then that is flinched. The enemy is the same, as long as the confidence to inspire yourself, even if failure is still the spiritual victory. - Someone told me that a genius can create their own opportunities, in fact, a person sincerely hope that not only can create their own opportunities, and even create their own genius. - It is not enough just to know, must be applied; just hope that is not enough, do not be non. - I will not say I'm the world, but I never will admit that I was second. In addition to finishing outside philosophy, Bruce Lee also quite talented in art, his art teacher has retained his works. Bruce Lee also wrote many poems. The following song is called "Who am I, " he donated to the Friends Li nine (Korean-American martial artist, "Father of American Taekwondo"). Unfortunately, can not find the original English text, not exhaustive glimpse original, foreign language translation of the poem from after all quite awkward. Section one: Who am I? This is an old problem. Everyone will ask yourself, Repeatedly, at this time, or he carved. Although he looked to the mirror, Recognize his face. Although he knows his name, Their age and life. But he still deeply eager to learn, Who am I? I was a giant crowd, Overlooking the common people's hero, Or closed the generation of self-inductance of the mediocre? I am fame, confidence chronological gentleman, Pre-loaded born leaders, Or in front of strangers cautiously, Frequently scared the weak? Put a smile on the back, Is a shivering heart, Lost in the dark forest as a small boy. Section two: Many of us desire to succeed, But the fear of failure. Although we have the ability, The ideal into reality. Only people who cultivate the natural instincts, In order to establish their own point of view, Effective, people admire, and splendor. Convinced that they can achieve their goals, Confidence will eventually rewarded. Endeavour, in the process, You will find your true self, I myself as through a mirror. College, Bruce Lee always adhere to the practice stopped working, and strive to excellence Qianxiu through hard training, so skilful effort gradually reach even greater heights. In addition to a variety of martial arts master, he also specializes in long sticks, truncheons and nunchaku and other instruments, and to study qigong and hard work. In the process, he starting from the actual to Chinese martial arts, based on absorption of boxing, karate, taekwondo, Thai boxing and other martial art of strengths and skills, years of experience summed own a martial arts, one of the "three-legged Lee "" inch punch "and" goulou hand "and so are his trick. April 1962, Bruce Lee, aged 21, opened in Seattle's Chinatown "Jun Fan Gung Martial Arts Museum", to teach Chinese martial arts. Who cares little at first, and later he took a few students who learn martial constantly going to do in Seattle demonstrations at several universities, the situation finally improved. At one point, Bruce Lee in just 11 seconds to beat a verbally within ridiculed the Japanese karate black belt with three sections of martial arts, fame; another in Florida Chinatown unarmed uniformed four knife-wielding criminals, save lives of Chinese girl, news published on the newspaper, the impact is very extensive, attracted more and more students put into sects Practice and teaching of I, Bruce Lee martial arts theory and research countersunk training methods. Seven of his life left a note of the Chemical Weapons several books Manuscript: "Jeet Kune Do", "Jeet Kune Do research", "Kung Fu Records", "two stick work", "Bruce - Lee boxing Graphics" ( English) and "Bruce - Lee martial arts techniques" (English version) and so on. This is the 1963 publication of "Basic Chinese boxing, " he will be injected into the Chinese fighting technique basic fist, showing the profound martial attainments Illustrations are from the hands of Bruce Lee himself. The book also has a lot of action decomposition pictures were Bruce Lee and the disciples to personally demonstrate, shot in the parking lot His disciples, there is a nineteen-year-old female medical student, called Linda. Emily. They quickly fell in love ...... In 1965, his son Brandon Lee (Brandon Lee) was born on February 1, MEDICAL AND father died after 7. Later, Bruce Lee is again a woman, named Shannon Lee. A three, enjoyable ...... Of course, he taught their children to learn Chinese martial arts ...... In 1964, Bruce Lee karate competitions in the United States defeated Chuck Norris won the third title, won the championship, and then invited to California Long Beach International Karate Competition Performance Mongolia mesh opening volley inch punch and other stunts, caused a sensation Coincided with a remake of a film production company kung fu series, then immediately contact Bruce Lee audition. This year, twenty-year-old Bruce Lee. Although the audition, he smiled and admitted that he was a small baby fights three nights without sleep, but the shot, he is still full of energy, and the extraordinary. This valuable audition is very long, curious Americans to Bruce Lee's Chinese Theatre demonstrates footwork, commentary wusheng and niche walking posture difference, still at the scene to pull a U.S. Claus Dang Bazi, to Bruce Lee's martial arts moves demo. Bruce Lee, of course, is only feint. As can be seen from the lens, every time the old man has not yet had time to react, Bruce Lee's fists have been recovered. The auditions, Lee expressed his analysis of Chinese martial arts: "Kung Fu originated in China, is the origin of karate and aikido it is a more complete martial art system, which is more than any other martial arts smoother, more coherent, not just Yizhaobanshi. Just like water, is the world's softest material, but it has the ability to penetrate the stone, water does not necessarily form, you are neither able to catch it, nor be able to hit it hard. every one who wants to learn martial arts with a water-like flexibility and flexibility can make a change in the situation according to the opponent. karate punches, like a hard iron bar, while Chinese kung fu punches, it is like a chain attached to an iron ball, firmness and flexibility. effort can be individually Or two people to practice, practice time alone will mimic some animals, such as crane, monkey, or mantis and other animals. ... " Finally unable to start shooting the drama, but the audition for his fight with "The Green Hornet" in the role of Kato. June 1966, Lee first appeared on the screen in the United States "The Green Hornet" is a half-hour episode of the series, lasted 30 episodes, the end result of unsatisfactory ratings aground. However, as a supporting actor Bruce Lee's martial arts skills with excellent, far better than the protagonist of the limelight, almost all of the audience to remember his name. So he had the opportunity to continue to participate in other television drama performances. August 1967, Lee created his own martial art named "Jeet Kune Do" (Jeet Kuen Do, abbreviation: JKD). He participating in a television show, a large section describes Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee: "is the fist volley you want to attack me I have to close, closer to me gave me the opportunity volley in this case, I would weapon with the longest kick your recent goals, now is the knee. volley punches more lethal than boxing. ... " Years later critics said: "Jeet Kune Do is a accommodate hundreds of rivers, take-owned stuff boxing fighting technique, and has three levels, one thought, two kung fu knowledge, three techniques is the former founder Bruce Lee is cut punches Tao said that the 'order can not have law', the latter two are 'limited to unlimited', which two guiding Jeet Kune aspirant epigrams manifests itself not only something cultural integration of achievements, but also reflects the people of Hong Kong the spirit of the seventies of last century, we can say that it is a product of the times and culture. ... "" This fast knockouts boxing technique in [Bruce Lee in the eyes not only a fighting technique, but also a philosophy of life or life skills concept. must perform good deeds, should not, formality, as a cup of water into the teapot in the shape of a teapot and put it into a cup-shaped cup, so it is important that the essence of water. observant then everybody's drinking water turbidity is everybody's refusal. " Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do, at the time of the Chinese martial arts is a mixed thing. Some people think that Bruce Lee another way gratifying; another part of the people, especially the Wing Chun martial art that being a disciple of Bruce Lee Wing Chun is Qishimiezu. Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune proved not only have the theoretical background, but also very practical value. He opened Jeet Kune Do classes in the United States known far and wide, teaching one hour charges $ 275, still a hotbed of activity, in Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles and other places even opened four "Jun Fan Gung Martial Arts Museum." In fact, Bruce Lee was not satisfied with the opening and apprentices, his goal is to Hollywood, hoping to promote Chinese martial arts movies. But the Hollywood film industry has been relatively cool for him. Bruce Lee on the U.S. ultimately disappointed to return to Hong Kong the fuse, is a Hollywood remake of the TV series "Kung Fu" actor Bruce Lee competition unsuccessful. This thing big blow to him. See here, I am very nosy suspicion Stephen Chow's "Kung Fu" on the same subject, was premeditated, to the idols out of this breath. Stephen Chow is known to hardcore fans of Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee movies teenager saw scared to Heaven, so determined to join the film industry, in his own words: "I think all the things I'm doing now, and my work is Bruce Lee influence on me from his films I got a lot of energy. ... "Stephen has almost every movie in the shadow of Bruce Lee, almost every department has, Bruce Lee's signature moves, signs image, signature clothing, signs spoken, signature tricks, and even Bruce Lee's mug shot, frequently appeared in Stephen Chow movie, to the "Kung Fu", a tribute to Bruce Lee detail is endless. However, you can take the power, fame, money and many other things to funny Stephen Chow, never refused to take Bruce Lee funny, "because he is my idol, I respect him, admired him, it is not funny." Stephen Chow movie Bruce Lee, is more a manifestation of the spirit, a power symbol. Hong Kong Film Critics Society's "Kung Fu" commented that: "Stephen has been in their works, both on the use of the Bruce Lee kung fu Transcend. ... "Kung Fu" in no doubt inherited Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do 'to not be able to have the law, to infinite as limited' the essence. Fire Dragon Cthulhu says the film broke all martial arts world of reason, but fast is not broken, which is what the original intent of Jeet Kune Do, that is the shortest distance, the fastest speed to hit the opponent's vital, therefore Bruce Lee made ​​not dodge, to intercept (Don'tBlock, Strike), and require rapid response, without emphasis on what formal modification. In the film, Stephen Chow finally pig cage Walled City to an enemy one hundred cast is Jeet Kune Do martial arts style. ...... Stephen Chow "Kung Fu" and Bruce Lee movies the same thing, the source of a rut, methods of expression and film structure or different, like the ugly modern city but equally profound critique. As a Chinese kung fu is not only the concrete manifestation of traditional values, but also as a human manifestation of the spiritual power. The so-called martial arts, scientific point that human potential is to play an instrument, so the movie Stephen Chow stressed that the level of effort from the study focused on the effort and potential development, while no effort factions of good and bad points , but only martial arts aspirant personal moral good or bad, but, like Stephen Chow and Bruce Lee in this regard is to take all of the good of Mencius said ...... " Beside the point beside the point, not much to say. Stephen Chow is happy, he was the idol of starlight illuminates life examples; while he is respectable, so that the FANS can do extreme, worthy of our research study ...... FANS colleagues pay tribute to Yeh ...... 1970, Bruce accidental injury, back hit, bed four months after the injury still taking painkillers. During that time, many Hong Kong film studios to visit, I hope to invite him back to Hong Kong filming, including the then Hong Kong's largest studio Shaw. Shaw out of the paycheck is a million dollars, was equivalent to sixty thousand Hong Kong dollars, than was the most red stage actor actor paycheck twice; while Golden Harvest companies out to fifteen thousand dollars, which is ninety thousand Hong Kong dollars . Harvest Costly must go to Bruce Lee is due to the boss Raymond Chow buyer beware. He saw on television a Bruce Lee martial arts demonstrations, lovely, many years later is still talked about the interview: "He's an inch thick planks side kick, kick Tiduan four, intensity and time to master tuned ... "Raymond Chow also recalled, to discuss cooperation with Bruce Lee when Lee was being referred to a martial arts hit, and asked:" This is not currently the best Hong Kong action film? "Raymond Chow Answer:" Yes. "So Bruce is very sincerity and confidence to say: "If I were to show it will turn better."


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