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August 28, 2013 – 23:45

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China News Network June 8, "Atlantic Monthly" 5 Journal article: English talk show popular in China

Fang alley, famous hutongs of Beijing, along the alley to go inside, people flocked into a club within the hall, dim lighting, the nose of smoke, people in Gongchoujiaocuo, it is up to people of another city a sleepless night, but also heat Wednesday night cat club "Comedy Night" scene.

29-year-old Toby • Jarman (Toby Jarman) is a member of this club, but also a fixed actor, he is busy club warm up. In 2011, his wife employed by Beijing an international school, he also came to Beijing. Previously, he was performing in Portland, Oregon in English talk show. March 2012, a passion for the stage desire to find the heat Jarman cat club founder, would like to do an impromptu performance (open-mic) evening shows.

Jarman said, "They do not understand English talk show, but I hope to attract more customers." This plan looks okay, one year after the Beijing city different bars, four nights a week there improvisation show time tonight, heat Mojiancazhong cat club audience, but the number of foreign visitors has been basically equal.

The most popular arena rookie Tony • Week is Shandong, his day is a reporter for China Central Television, evening, his baby face smiling, wearing a shiny dinner service in heat cat club. 29-year-old opening him: "I am Tony • week, just like your life other valuable products, I am also a Chinese manufacturer (made in China)". Then he told the audience, why they do not like the United States, although the auditorium was filled with Americans working in China.

Audience boiling, such as choir melody combined with well-designed speech offended, for the week won a lot of fans. He began trying to insert the current affairs material in the show.

In view of his work in the background, Zhou also recognize the potential dangers ridicule Chinese Politics. This is also in English entertainer one of the advantages, even if he is fluent in English, but not flawless - he said: "If foreigners do not understand my English, and that the Chinese people will not be able to understand the content of what I say."

Week will be Chinese-American actor Wong talk about their success as motivation, he dreamed of becoming a professional comedian. To attract more attention of the audience, he had a bold attempt to put the most fierce programs online. He also admitted that Chinese subtitles is not very clear, which he deliberately do so.

However, want to use a language other than mother tongue tease everyone laugh, this is not an easy thing. Did week hope to develop Chinese talk show do? He himself did this confidence, Zhou met some of my friends try to talk in English, they hope that one day such a popular form of entertainment in the country can be, "If this culture can not satisfy the audience, it would be a hassle."


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