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Saturday Night Live Performance: Sarah Palin flops in the comedy show

August 28, 2013 – 23:46

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New York - There should be a ergötzliches and particularly quota busting Duel: The real Sarah Palin Sarah Palin against the wrong. Or so it was hyped up for days in the run up to the latest edition of the U.S. comedy show "Saturday Night Live."

For weeks, had the Republican running mate with biting as striking parodies pulled through the Cocoa "SNL" in which she was portrayed by the popular comedian Tina Fey, who sees her confusingly similar, as stupid bumpkin. Now the governor of Alaska would retaliate with a personal appearance. Would show sense of humor. Would strike back.

And so the hope of Palin strategists might bewitch a few new voters.

But it was all a bit different. In fact, Palin appeared at "SNL", on the Saturday evening. In fact, Fey also played its part again as Palin clone. But the two crossed paths in the networks of NBC Studio 8H only briefly on the eighth floor of Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. The TV picture only once they flitted silently past each other. And Palin herself said, in the two sketches in which she was to see only a few words.

The reason soon became clear: The wrong Palin is much funnier than the real - although, or perhaps because they are often cited only their sincere sound bites.

Comedy has become in this election campaign for the silver bullet. Both candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, were on "SNL" as a guest. Both tingelten by the late-night talk shows. McCain ever made his candidacy in March 2007 only to David Letterman's "Late Show" publicized - and was, after leaving Letterman sitting rudely two weeks ago, from which for so long made the worm until he crawled live on Thursday at his crosses .

So it was only a matter of time before even McCain-Palin Vice put the power of comedy. "SNL" had taken her from the first day on the grain when it became clear how similar it looked Fey. The actress had long been chief writer of the show and has found her own sitcom, "30 Rock, " named after the NBC address here at Rockefeller Center.

Since sunrise were onlookers snake

Fey Palin had mercilessly exposed - their broad Alaska Midwest dialect, their mindless run-on sentences, their duration wink, her helpless gesture, her beauty pageant routine. Especially Palin's interview with CBS News failed attempt - in which they had established their foreign policy expertise so that you can see Russia from Alaska - and her campy affectations in the TV debate offered to endless material. Fey thanks Palin grew overnight from normal political star to pop culture phenomenon.


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