Comedy Live reestreia with Mauricio Meirelles Murilo Gun and the cast Diogo Portugal

August 28, 2013 – 23:45

April 19,2013 - by: Lucas Calixto Comedy Live reestreia with Mauricio Meirelles Murilo Gun and the cast Diogo Portugal

Murilo Gun,Portugal Diogo and Mauricio Meirelles come to cast fixed

Pioneers in comedy and improvisation training circuit of laughter in São Paulo city,the group stand up Comedy - Comedy Live - in theaters since 2008 and has seen more than 40, 000 people - new cast premiered on April 26 at Renaissance Theatre.

Joined the team Murilo Gun (Friends of Oz - SBT),Diogo Portugal (Luciana By Night - Network TV) and Mauricio Meirelles (CQC Reporter - Band),which becomes part of the fixed cast alongside the founders Fabio Rabin and Luiz France .

The show still has every presentation with the participation of guests weight stand up national scenario.

Stand-up Comedy is a theatrical genre also known as mood clean face presented for only a comedian,often standing with a microphone and a beam of light without the aid other scenic elements.The comedian tells jokes not conventional,with original texts copyright works made from everyday situations.

Comedy Live - The Group

The group Stand-up Comedy christened Comedy Live was created in 2006,and began performances in the city of Santo André,São Paulo ABC region.Six months later he presented himself at various locations in São Paulo,settling permanently in Bar Live,along with comedians DANI CALABRIAN,Marcio Ribeiro,DANILO GENTILI,FABIO RABIN and LUIZ FRANCE.

In 2008,with the original lineup changes,and the final entry comedian MARCELO ADNET,the group reached maturity and as a result made several appearances,all with great positive impact on the market.

Initially invited to a three months in the Renaissance Theatre in São Paulo,the troupe received praise from critics and the box office success of the extended season.The show is for 4 consecutive years in theaters,and in October 2013 will complete five years.

About them:

FABIO RABIN started doing shows jokes and characters in the bladder,and then to know the work of the Comedy Club,decided to write their own texts of stand up comedy.Beside the great comedians and partners Luis France,Dani Pepperoni,Danilo Gentili and Márcio Ribeiro,created the group Comedy Live.With time Fábio Rabin participated in all major comedy shows in São Paulo,Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba,such as Trestosterona,Comedy Club,Cabaret Diogo Portugal,Comedy Standing,among others.Until mid-2009,he was cast in Panic on Radio Jovem Pan as the character Silveira,and Panic on TV,the picture was Kiss on the Lips and Face Slapping.Also in 2009,Fabio Rabin gave an amusing interview two blocks to Programa do Jô,who made huge success in the program and on the internet.After that,Rabin joined the cast of the defunct program FURFLES MTV,which later became the COMEDY MTV,APCA Award winner as best comedy show of that year.Actively participated in two VMBS,having been on MTV until 2011.In 2012,he was hired as a comedian reporter to cover events and rodeos cabins for the program Super Bull Brazil,aired on Rede TV.Also participated in the HBO film MANDRAKE, and various advertisements.Is on display since October 2008 in the Renaissance theater in São Paulo,with the show LIVE COMEDY, whose cast currently features comedians Luiz França,Murilo Gun,Mauricio Meirelles and Diogo Portugal.In 2011 he recorded his first solo DVD,performed live in concert at the Teatro da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina,which provides an overview of the best writing of his career,showing why it is now considered one of the best comedians of STAND UP COMEDY Brazil ,with his sarcastic humor and his jokes "NO CONCEPT".


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