The Comedy Club and the Ant

August 28, 2013 – 23:45

Shows-1.jpgAfter a busy day arrives early evening,a time to relax and enjoy a good drink with our live background music.In IberoCruceros we have great bands you can find in the different bars of our boats.

All the fun that you like

Whatever your tastes,your HOLIDAY s have to be fun.In IberoCruceros know and we offer you a host of daily activities throughout the day so you can fully enjoy and have a great time at all times of the very best professionals.comedian comedy club

When the sun sets ...

The magic of the night comes and with it the shows,a super new production every night with the best live performances: live the magic of a live concert spectacular acrobatics,great music,a ballet first and great numbers that exceed your expectations and surprise you daily.

We have a great cast of musicians with extensive experience in every kind of music: Brazilian musicians to enjoy the best bossanova,pianists,violinists and other masters of classical music,duets and trios that will offer the best Latin music and great bands delight you with the best Spanish and international music.A group of over 30 people dedicated to making your something special and unforgettable moments.

Think what you want at all times,because we have a variety of live music with different options for all tastes: jazz,classical music for those who prefer a more quiet or romantic plan where they can enjoy the best music Live while maintaining a good conversation Latin rhythms,pop or Spanish music for people who prefer a dance and enjoy a more lively music.stand-up comedians,magicians,live music

And let's not forget the humor,so important to us.We know that our way of fun is different and therefore we do not trust something so important to anyone,but we partner with the most prestigious brand in the mood of our country.

The Comedy Club.

After four years of success on board our ships continue our relationship with this unbeatable special brand domestic comedy.

This program of stand-up comedy at theaters and broadcast recorded throughout its 7 seasons of different television has been the largest pool of comedians of our country and continues to rely on IberoCruceros to present all of our cruise the best comics for fun and laughter are guaranteed.

A set of shows that make the difference by offering only the best with the most prestigious brands guarantee you the best quality and we help our cruises are fun at all times,as we advise and assist in all aspects of the day day.

Furthermore,we end our show live performances in our various bars,where you can enjoy a delicious glass accompanied by the best music and entertainment,as our leaders do not rest,and we propose new games and activities that you can participate and have a great time before going to the disco.


Father Knows Best 105-Live My Own Life
TV Series Episode Video on Demand ()

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