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Logo of 1Live crown in 2010

The 1LIVE crown (until 2006: Eins Live Krone) is a German music award , from the radio station since 2000 1LIVE is awarded, or its listeners.

The listeners of the radio station 1LIVE determine a vote in the internet , who are the "crown" wins in various categories and have their voices a chance to win the tickets are not available on the free sale for the show. Only the crown in the categories lifetime (since 2010: Special Prize), and (since 2008) is awarded Best Comedy of the 1LIVE music department. For each category, five artists are nominated. Since the 2009 ceremony artists are also nominated several times. So won Clueso and Lena Meyer-Landrut in 2009 and 2010, two crowns.

During the show, come on artists from music and comedy. Since the crown 1LIVE 2004 artists will also receive the opportunity to perform for an hour before the ceremony.

In the period between 2000 and 2005 it was in the Arena Oberhausen awarded. Since 2006, the radio station gives it in the Centennial Hall Bochum .

The presentation ceremony will take place in the changing cast by various radio presenters 1LIVE (Of particular note here are Olli Briesch and Michael Imhof ), some with co-presenters at her side (in 2007 this was the comedian Mirja Boes ).

The presenters of the award 2011 in Bochum were Sabine Henry and Tobias Schlegl . In 2012, Sabine Heinrich and lead Chris Guse through the show.

Most crowns have Die Toten Hosen and Fettes Brot (5 crowns each), followed by Clueso and The Fantastic Four (4 crowns each, as of 2013).

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  1. Der Sonderpreis der 1LIVE Krone geht an die russische Punkband Pussy Riot , abgerufen am 30. ↑ The special price 1LIVE the crown goes to the Russian punk band Pussy Riot , accessed on 30 October 2012


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