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August 28, 2013 – 23:47

Live @ the Comedy Zone, Charlotte, NC | GREG MORTON

  • FILM

  • The Paperboy (2012)
  • Role: Acting
  • Character played: Jack James
  • Film Thriller, USA (2012) by director Lee Daniels with Matthew McConaughey , Zac Efron , David Oyelowo , Macy Gray , John Cusack , Nicole Kidman , Beau Brasso , Nikolette Noel , Scott Glenn , Ned Bellamy , Nealla Gordon , Gordon Nealla , Katarzyna Wolejnio , Jeanine Hill , Ava Bogle , Camille Balsamo , Chip Carriere , Adam Sibley , John P. Fertitta , Adrienne Esteen .
    Hillary Van Wetter waiting to be executed in the prison of the Moat County, Florida. The man is accused of murdering Thurmond Call, a sheriff who killed sixteen blacks to racial hatred. But Charlotte Bless, passionate about extreme cases, wrote a letter to the Miami Times claiming that you are going to condemn to death an innocent man and the newspaper, sniffing the track, he sends his two best reporters in the Moat County. I'm James Ward, melancholic as obsessive in his quest for the truth, and the brilliant and unconventional Yardley Acheman. With the help of Charlotte the two leading an investigation that leads to the release of the prisoner and earned him the Pulitzer Prize, but a rival newspaper smell a scam. All this happens under the eyes of Jack James, the guy who the newspapers, rather than write them, delivers them every morning at dawn, which acts as a driver to the two stars of journalism and it chronicles the lives and businesses, with astonished gaze and secondment of a man-child.

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    • Avatar alex995bikerboy What sites or downloads let you watch comedy central online for free. It must be live.?
      Jan 15, 2010 by alex995bikerboy | Posted in Software

      What sites or downloads let you watch comedy central online for free. It must be live (the exact thing that is on cable television.)
      It must be what is on Comedy Central on Comcast digital cable at the time you are watching it on the computer.

      • Hi,

        you cant watch such live channels online for free. But it is now possible just for small one time fee - try this online broadcasting company, they stream Comedy Central also.

    • Avatar Lj M LG Voyager from verizon question: Can you watch live tv on it?
      Mar 09, 2008 by Lj M | Posted in Cell Phones & Plans

      Okay ive heard some rumors going around that the LG voyager from verizon can play NOT talking about tv episodes youve already bought online im talking about being able to have tv channels streaming from your this true?

      • Yes. If you live within a service area where MobileTV is available, you can watch live TV. It costs $15 a month for the service, and the markets where it is available is still pretty limited. Channels include Fox, CBS, C …deon. Click on the link below to view coverage map. There is also a way to watch Sprint Mobile TV on the voyager. Just point your Voyager web browser to The quality is not as good as Verizon's programming, but it's free.