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August 28, 2013 – 23:47


13:03 Valeria Carola Monday, March 18, 2013 13:03 Valeria Carola

Melissa Satta and Omar Fantini

At 23 tonight, 18 March, will be aired on Comedy Central the second season of Friends @ bed , the fun webseries paid to TV, starring Melissa Satta , model back singles in Italy from Boston and Omar Fantini, that in order to adequately describe , just use the term "serial trombatore." The two, both reluctant to serious relations, are found to divide the apartment, the rent and the same bed, with the only commitment that their ratio remains ... without obligation. Only friendship. To act as a shoulder to the two, Gianluca Fubelli, known as the Spark of The Turbulent and best friend of Omar.

The trombamico, the Italianate friend with benefits, is a sentimental figure that has established itself in recent decades, although it has not yet been legitimized among the possible states of civil Facebook. His skills are exhaustively defined in the name. Let's say that in modern society is much clearer the role of a trombamico that of a naturalist. However, in this type of relationship, usually non-exclusive, with the need to adjust to a minimum the "sense of ownership", the rule is that it just goes to bed together, without implications of dinners, cinemini, appointments with friends and especially no questions like "but what we are." For heaven's sake, a minimum of conversation is expected, but if one only wants to talk, you know, just a friend.

In short, the emotional balance perfectly balanced between respect, passion and fun. Until one of the two is not tempted to explore other options. Type, dine together. Or the one to send the short message of good morning or good night. E 'on the edge of this temptation living Melissa and Omar Friends @ bed. Will they not get involved with the feelings or will eventually have to surrender to the love?

The second season of Friends @ bed now has a new section on You Tube with videos and backstage of an application to create true double interviews with the two protagonists. Omar and Melissa also comment on the episodes live on the facebook page of Comedy Central.

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