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Romantic, 'Not a common love' of Ali_98 (Cap 1) of EFP Fanfiction

August 29, 2013 – 00:26

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Capter one

"Congratulations Alice Springs, her casting for the" Summer Shore "has been exceeded.We consider it one of the eight people fit for this program and we do not repent of our choice, the season starts in 2 weeks and just please go to the 14th of this month at nine in the morning at "25 Valley Street."Filming will begin in Newcastle and the number of seasons is indeterminate.We wish you the best in entertainment. "

There could not believe. I was caught. I'm Alice, 21 years old I was caught in a television program. Everything I needed was to have fun and live my life to the fullest.
Dancing till 7 in the morning, get drunk, get to know people, see the world.
Only this I needed.

I ran to my mother to tell her that I had been taken, was not thrilled, but he just wanted me to be happy and that I lived my youth as she had never done.
- "Alice, we have little time: you have to pack your bags, go shopping, go to the hairdresser, a lamp and you get waxing, as you do in two weeks?"
- "Mom, quiet, two weeks I can do everything with calm"
It was funny because my mom and I were like, what kept it to things like personal care or hair.
Maybe you do not know, but I wanted to enjoy just for her.
I called my best friend Chelsea to tell her the news and was very happy, although of course we would miss. The next day he took me to go crazy.
Within a week I was able to book the hairdresser and beautician.
I cut my hair and I do the shatush, I waxing all over the body, and finally I made the nails.

It had been thirteen days, the next day I was leaving for 4 months and I was going to live in a house with people who did not know and I experienced the most amazing experience of my life.
It was the day to say goodbye, one day a little 'sad and full of tears, all my relatives told me to enjoy the most of the holiday and my brother told me elegantly:
- "Do not give it to all the precautions and uses little sister"
- "Simpatico" I replied
I embraced strong Chelsea before getting in the car and walked towards the famous "Valley Street 25".
After about an hour drive I arrived in front of the house, from the outside was nice, two floors, white walls and a large terrace with a beautiful entrance door in dark wood.
I pulled down the suitcases out of the car and went into the house.
- "Anybody home?" Exclaimed, you could hear the echo of how big was the home
At first I said no, but then a guy started down the stairs.
- "Hey, " cried correndomi meeting and hugging me as if I already knew "I'm Scott"
He was very tall, muscular and blond, with a very sweet face, was very nice.
- "Alice, " I replied continuing to maintain his embrace. Soon after we parted.
- "Where are you?" He asked
- "Kingston Park, Newcastle, " I replied smiling, it was really cute, "You?"
- "Benwell, Newcastle, too"
- "Well come on we are not so far away then!"
- "No indeed. How nice is there anyone in Newcastle, "he said riabbracciandomi
- "Yeah, and only we know how to have fun!"
- "In fact, look what I found while I was here"
He took me into the kitchen and showed me a bottle of Tequila, took the files from the fridge and cut it into wedges after took two glasses and filled them with Tequila and put a little 'salt in my hand in his and after.
- "To you!" He shouted approaching his glass to my
- "Viva Newcastle" I shouted and then quickly we leccammo hand, drank tequila and ate lemon.
I let out a strange noise due dell'asprezza lemon and laughed.
- "I found a drinking buddy, " he said pointing their fists in the air
At one point we heard the door open and went immediately to see, from there came a girl with long blond hair as soon as we saw greeted us screaming.
- "Hello! I am Sophie! "
- "Hey Sophie, I'm Scott and she is Alice!"
- "Hey, how's it going?" I said hugging her
- "Well, guys, but this house is huge, let's explore it"
All agree we ran above, there were two rooms, one of the boys who were three and one of the girls that were five. As soon as we saw our room Sophie and I we conquered a bed, next to my window that looked out on the terrace. The room was very large with white walls and purple curtains, pillows on each bed were of different colors, there was a large mirror and two large closets.
Scott entered her and I did not fail to notice that he also chose the bed by the window, the room of the boys had blue walls and white curtains, they also had two large closets and a mirror. Upstairs there was a bathroom and a room with a double bed.
- "In this room you will do many things, " exclaimed Scott saw her, and at that point we all laughed
In an hour they reached the other five children: Charlotte, Gary, Holly, Viky and James. They were all very nice and he established immediately a beautiful harmony between all of us.
To celebrate the first night we decided not to go out, but to have dinner together at home to know us better. We made a lot of questions, for now the first people with whom I had more in common were Viky, Sophie and Scott.
After dinner the boys pulled out of the house all that was alcoholic and drinkable. The evening ended with all of us drunk, there were those who slept on the floor like Holly and Viky, who in the sofa like me and Gary James, who in the bathroom as Charlotte and Sophie and who is lying in the kitchen counter as Scott.
The "day" after, if you could call day when we woke up it felt as if we had been hit by a truck, all the girls had hair preposterous and the boys could not even stand up.
I got up from the couch quietly as not to wake Gary and James and I reached the refrigerator is not far away, I opened it and poured myself a glass of cold milk. I do not know why but after a hangover like always drank it and from there I spent all the "numbness".
I walked to the terrace, I leaned to the grate and lit a cigarette, shortly after I heard footsteps towards me, I turned around and saw Scott shirtless scratching its head.
- "Hey, " I said, yawning
- "Hey, nice evening, ah pretty and your overnight accommodation" I said, smiling and pointing to the kitchen counter
- "Look, it's more comfortable than it looks, " he said, laughing and taking the cigarette from his hand and making a shot, I did not help but think about how damn sexy he was.
We went back into the house and heard a phone ringing.
- "Wait, where's the phone?" Asked Scott
- "Boh!" Laughed
It began our desperate search for the phone, we tried various shelves in the living room, above the drawer, but nothing. The phone stopped ringing.
- "Scott?"
- "Yeah?"
- "Uh, you know, like we did not see that?" I said pointing to a red telephone booth that was next to the entrance door
- "We're probably still drunk!" He said, laughing
The phone rang again and at that point I went to answer it and smiles from inside the cabin to Scott who was smiling at me from the outside.
- "Hello?"
- "Hello? Who is this? "Said a female voice
- "I am Alice"
- "Ah well Alice, Anna are your own boss"
- "Our boss?"
- "You have a job for you, then this afternoon Scott and Gary have to go for a kickboxing class at my gym"
- "Oh ok, alert them immediately" while Scott chuckled and looked at me from outside question
- "Thank you, hello"
I left the cabin and I laughed, I do not know the real why, maybe I was still really drunk.
- "What happened?" Asked Scott
- "It was our boss and said that you and Gary this afternoon you go for a lesson in kickboxing at his gym"
- "No, come on are you kidding? Why me! What a bore! "
- "I'm sorry, " I said sorry and doing the fake still laughing
- "Thank you eh! Now I'll make you pay! "He said, taking her arm and leading me into the garden, where there was a pool.
- "No, come on please let me, let me, " I said clapping my hands in his back and kicking.
I was about to throw when just before it touched the water stopped, our faces were very close, too close. I put my feet on the ground, I settled the shirt was a bit 'up and walked away, but before I get into the middle finger smiling and they laughed.
Shortly after he and Gary went to work for the afternoon and almost felt the lack of it, can that I had already fond of him in less than twenty-four hours?
Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to talk with the girls and with James.
- "Then Ali, there's feeling between you and Scott, " he said at one point Viky
- "I would not call feeling, well, you're friends, but I do not know ..." I replied a bit 'embarrassed
- "Well that's cute you can not deny, " said Sophie
- "Come on you can not tell us that there is no feeling, I think the fact that you both Newcastle approached you right away, " he added Holly
- "It is true, in my opinion, " said Charlotte
- "Maybe, but I do not want to rush things at once, for now we're just friends who are well, I would not call feeling rather call it chemistry or common interests, " replied
- "Come on please do not say common interests, yet you do not want to admit it or perhaps you do not want to be accountable, but there's something between you, your relationship with Gary for example, is different, but you're still friends, " he concluded Viky
I stood silent and maybe my silence earned him more than a thousand words, maybe the girls were right, there was a sparkle between us, but I wanted to see how things were developing and day to day living.
When they returned home we were sitting on the couch and I tried just before His eyes, he reached the couch and slumped next to me snorting.
- "So how did it go?" Asked him smiling
- "Well, " I said, and settled into the pillow and fell asleep on my shoulder.

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