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End of year in London

August 29, 2013 – 00:25

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of year in London

For all those who will have the opportunity to spend the New Year in London but still do not quite know how to pass the night there, here are a few options depending on what you prefer to do. Whatever you decide, it is advisable to travel to your destination in advance to avoid congested streets and yards bursting. All public transport in London including the metro are free and are open from 23:45 to 4:30 for 31 h day 1. After returning to their usual route and price around 5am one day. For more information on transport to see the information brochure of TFL . Also advise to buy tickets as soon as possible for your party of choice, if they choose one that needs to purchase tickets to avoid queues and disappointments of tickets have sold out the very night.

Fireworks near the Big Ben What? About 250, 000 other people have the same idea of going to see the fireworks from Big Ben every year, so if you want to be there in the area are advised to enter the Southbank / Waterloo up to 22: 30h maximum. After this time, the capacity is usually achieved zone and this is closed until after midnight. For those who can not enter the zone can still see the fireworks through a giant screen placed in Trafalgar Square or if they depart from the London Eye and more are on the side of Tate Modern might be able to be with less crowd around, despite the fires also are a little more distant. Estação? Waterloo How? Fireworks are free public station? Waterloo

Oquê? Para quem não quer estar no meio da multidão ao ar-livre, pode pagar para estar comfortavelmente num jantar ou festa num local onde se vejam os fogos de artifício. Watch the fireworks while dining and / or dancing What? For those who do not want to be in the crowd when uncovered, can afford to be comfortably at a dinner party or in a place where you see the fireworks. Among the options are:

  • Founders Arms and Doggett's Coat and Badge pubs are both located in Southbank, the first opposite the Tate Modern and the second next to Blackfriars Bridge where you can see the fireworks comfortably directly overlooking the river. The price to get into any of these pubs is probably free.
  • Oxo Tower , has a unique atmosphere and party music will be jazz of the 20s. The menu is gourmet and the view, although not as comprehensive as the SkyBar is also very good for the area north of the river, St. Paul's Cathedral and, of course, the fireworks. Packages available from £ 125.
  • London Sky Bar , located in the Altitude at the top of the Millbank Tower, Sky Bar offers a complete package of drinks including champagne, dinner, DJ and breakfast one day from the 16h day 31 at 6 am January 1st. Bought in advance cost £ 145 to £ 185 or 28 days after that date.

Oquê? Existe uma variedade enorme de discotecas em Londres com música para todos os gostos. Parties in discotheques What? There is a huge variety of nightclubs in London with music to suit all tastes. Below I indicate a combination of a few options based on different types of music:


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Theater is his life (he majored in it at Northwestern and he is an actor and director for the Curio Theatre Company in West Philadelphia, which was founded by Hedgerow alumni).

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