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August 28, 2013 – 23:47

Sulcata tortoises (scientific name: Geochelone sulcata),also known as the African thorn turtles,Spurred Tortoise

Native to sub-Saharan Africa,the Sahel and West Africa Sahel

Sulcata tortoise is second only to the Galapagos and Aldabra tortoises turtle world's third continent,

And is living on the mainland tortoises in the largest size category

Larval size of about 2-3 inches,growing very fast,their growth can be achieved within the first years of 6-10 inches

(15-25 cm).Adult sulcata can be up to 24 to 36 inches long (60-90 cm)

Weight 100-200 lbs (45 - 91 kg).Whose life is about 50-150 years,and even live longer

Their diet is mainly grass and other plants,there are also a small part of the fruit.

Their diet is high in fiber,low in protein.

Such as turtles absorb too much protein would lead to a situation pyramiding

Diet important factors: high dietary fiber,low protein,low fructose and sufficient calcium without overfeeding

The food in the wild should be at least 75% grasses,for the turtle only provide high dietary fiber.

Young sulcata growing very fast,three years after their birth,the volume can be twice a year

Rate of growth.If have good bone and shell growth,their diet must contain enough calcium.

In the wild,the calcium content of the soil is high,therefore,in their diet can absorb enough calcium

But you need to use artificial feeding calcium supplements.

Such as turtles eat only vegetables with high water content can cause health problems

Lettuce leaves,cactus,hibiscus leaves,promising a variety of hay and dandelions ideal food

They will also eat most kinds of plants and some common garden plants,some of which are toxic

They also contain many natural food protein,and thus should not add a lot of artificial feeding,

Because of the high protein binding of calcium can cause pyramiding and is likely to cause too much uric acid lead to bladder stones,

Therefore,in captivity,should avoid excessive feeding of protein-containing food or feed.

To exclude bladder stones,can add more water,while keeping the temperature increase

Increasing the metabolic rate.In the wild if given the chance,they will eat protein,

Such as caterpillars and snails,but only their very small part of the diet.

Features: carapace brown,reddish brown larvae; central notched edge,no neck shield,the trailing edge serrated;

Plastron yellow,trailing edge notch deeper; limbs cylindrical,with a large cone-shaped hard ridge;

Forelimb five claws,hind four claws; short tail,yellow.

Habits: terrestrial,herbivorous,eating fruits and vegetables,more meat-type plants.

Body Type: leopard tortoise with its appearance similar,but did not fancy the carapace ornamentation,

Almost close to the pure light brown (including the entire head and limbs plastron)

Throat A prominent,some adult males in the front and the back edge of the shield will be significantly curl

There are several pieces of conical thigh granular scales

In the wilderness,in size males may be able to grow up to 75cm and weight 100kg

The Soviet Union may be tempted to capture relatively small point,length 60cm and 50-90kg

Generally reach sexual maturity at about 25-30 years old

In their length reaches 50-60cm before it is difficult to correctly distinguish gender

Turtles bath three times a week,twice a week when young.Provided basin should be large enough so that it can continue throughout the immersion


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