TV streaming service Magine: Daring negotiating strategy

August 28, 2013 – 23:46

As early June Magine Germany announced the imminent debut of his TV streaming service, the startup had completed a deal with any major station. Now it starts with a limited supply channel, the closed beta phase. Magine The Swedish live TV providers Magine has opened its closed beta phase in Germany last Thursday. Who can snag an invitation is now in a position to the programs of the RTL Group, ZDF and a handful of special-interest channels (including € Sports, Comedy Central, Viva) live on the desktop, iOS devices and Samsung Smart TVs to stream. For selected stations Magine also offers a Catch-Up-/Timeshift-Funktionalität, which allows the subsequent viewing of programs already broadcast.

In the beta phase Magine is offered free of charge. At our request, if we can get some Invites for our readers about the offered us test access for editorial testing out, we were on the appropriate e-mail form for the waiting list on the German Magine site referenced. It is clear that the company was founded in 2010 do not want to get too used to the current free offer users - from the time appointed for a few months beta Magine should be provided as a paid subscription service.

The current launch, about a month later than initially planned , is an insightful glimpse into the negotiation strategy of the Scandinavians. Namely, they must meet with each transmitter or its operators individually an agreement on the live and on-demand streaming. And that can be extremely troublesome, especially important for the audience response of private broadcasting networks RTL and ProSiebenSat.1 are yet to be difficult when it comes to this kind of cooperation.

In early June announced Magine to want to go in the same month in Germany at the start. However, neither Participating stations still called a subscription price. Today is obvious: At this time, the young company had a maximum number of hardly sufficiently attractive for a pay subscription channels offer from the third row in the portfolio, and perhaps the ZDF. For it is only in the past week Magine announced the signing of a known content deals with the RTL group . That this was in the drawer for a long time is unlikely. Otherwise Magine had its beta launch in this country do not have to move against the original promise. Hardly is now RTL bag and bags, here we go with Magine.

One can not accuse reluctant to act Magine CEO Mattias Hjelmstedt and his team. Without really crucial contracts with broadcasters to promise a specific launch period, requires courage. Although this approach has sometimes weakened the bargaining position of the TV service - who is under pressure, may require less in the rule - it is Magine finally managed to get one of the two big fish of the local television landscape on board.

The press release emphasizes that further negotiations with major international media companies are out. Despite the presence of RTL, Vox and his associates offer the program in fact has not yet extensive enough for it to require a regular monthly fee and acquire many users as possible.

The expansion of Magine, which is now available in Spain, takes place in a time in which the leading U.S. Internet and IT companies such as Google, Apple and Intel increasingly squint at the TV market and its own streaming services will launch . Both Magine as well as the active in a number of European countries competitors Zattoo and the U.S. adversary Aero are so exciting and important months before. / Mw


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