Stewart / Colbert: Rally to Restore Sanity and / or Fear

August 28, 2013 – 23:46

by alex olma | 30 October 2010 14:14 | Clock

iPhoneBlog.de_rally.jpg In about four hours to start the demonstration in Washington DC " Rally to Restore Sanity and / or Fear "by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert . The host of the Late Night Shows' The Daily Show 'and' The Colbert Report 'rebel so against, among others partly absurd, one-sided U.S. media coverage, which every day the crown of the conservative Fox News Entertainment Shipments with Glenn Beck and his Tea Party supporters is placed.

Although the protest march holding a US-centric (policy) perspective, is in my opinion much of the daily (online) journalism once strongly cut on the finger. Alone the sometimes abstruse-engineered Apple 'World News' stands a little "sanity" not bad to face.

If you can not be in the U.S. capital on the spot today, the protest followed live on the Internet ( Comedy Central / CSPAN ) or via the iPhone app (free, App Store link ).

"To take it down a notch" ...

In about four hours to start the demonstration in Washington DC "Rally to Restore Sanity and / or Fear" by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The host of the Late Night Shows' The Daily ...



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