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Free and cheap things to do in London this week 16 to 21 April

August 28, 2013 – 23:46

A week packed full of LOLs – Now. Here. This. – Time Out London

April 15

Free and cheap things to do in London this week 16 to 21 April

Fresh from a weekend, or better, from one Sunday to the banner of a "fake estate", 18 ° sun, then clouds then sun again and again a few drops of rain, the elements that alternated with great nonchalance at the stroke of each minute. great excitement for one of the most anticipated days of the year. The parks were filled to overflowing with people, who expressed his joy, shouting, whistling and clapping their hands, every time the sun decided to resurface in the transition from one cloud to another.

Despite the weather is not the best, do not we broke down and see what we offer free events and economic London this week, April 16 to 21, in order to plan how to spend the next few days without spending too much.


Tuesday 16

Comedy: Ellie Taylor, Funmbi Omotayo, Ivo Graham, The Intimate Strangers, among the names appearing in the line-up comedians of The Secret Variety Club, a comedy night which costs £ 3, to be held 'tomorrow at The Queen's Head starting at 20:30.

Wednesday 17

THATCHERISTIC: In conjunction with the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, ArtBelow open on Wednesday Thatcheristic at Gallery Different, with 10 British artists who reveal their different opinions and representations of Thatcher in the form of portrait. And 'possible to see the exhibition until April 26, I wonder if Morrissey will jump ..

Thursday 18

Fashion: Vintage Rocks and 'a night of fashion and music, where some selected vintage boutiques of the capital show their collections on a catwalk in the trendy Boogaloo. The particularity 'that later will be set up so that you have the Stands try and buy what you have just seen on the catwalk. Doors will open from 19.00 pm, the parade will take place 'at 20.00, while the live concert will start at 22.00. The cost 'of £ 3.

Friday 19

Ffound and 'a new exhibition at the Woolff Gallery at Goodge Street, which features the work of 10 artists who work with recycled materials. The exhibition 'free and will last until May 26.

Saturday 20

Food Festival: Camberwell Food and Drink Festival starts this week. As well as food and drinks there will be cooking demonstrations by local chefs Free, music, quizzes and face painting. Participation in the festival and 'free and will last until April 27th.

Greenpeace: To mark a global day of action for We Love The Arctic, Greenpeace put out a visual display that captures the beauty of the frozen landscape, in gardens near Friends House on Euston Road. The participation and 'free and begins at 20:30.

Sunday 21

FILM: London Independent Film Festival concludes Sunday, April 21, with the screening in different theaters of short films, documentaries and comedies. The cost 'of just £ 2 and starts at 13.30.


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