Old Jamaican Ginger Beer Sponsors Comedy Central's Live Comedy

August 29, 2013 – 00:24

UM London client Old Jamaican Ginger Beer is acerca to embark upon a £ 2 million TV advertising campaign, at the heart Of which lies a bespoke sponsorship deal with TV channel Comedy Central (Sky 112 / Virgin 132).

The popular drinks brand will sponsor Live Comedy on the channel (including the likes of Live at the Apollo), que runs in peak slots across the week. Commencing on 10 th June for one month, it is the first time the brand has ever featured on the channel.

In Addition to the sponsorship deal, a national TV campaign will be running from June until August. The ads, que feature the brand's Well Known face of 'Mr. G 'in the quirky fantasy world of Old Jamaica, Have been created by Splash Worldwide.

The overall campaign is set to reach around 11 million consumers.

Phil Cresswell, Ideation Manager at UM London, said:

"Comedy Central This partnership is a great way of tapping into Old Jamaican Ginger Beer's core audience of 25-34 year olds, and of bringing the drinks brand's fun and vibrant personality to life"

Mark Edge, Marketing Controller at Cott Beverages, said:

"Our strategy has always been to continue to bring new younger users into the industry while Increasing our share of existing users. The combination of quirky fun and authentic Jamaican heritage is what you make Old Jamaica Helped to Become the UK's number one brand ginger beer. "

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