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August 28, 2013 – 23:46

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28th February 2013


'The King of Queens': From the 8th April Monday to Thursday at 22.35 clock!

One of the most popular sitcoms of all time finds its way to Comedy Central: In 'King of Queens' is all about the ups and downs of marriage from Doug (Kevin James) and Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini), which could not be more different and that is why conquer the hearts of fans by storm. Even Carrie's' easy siniler father, Arthur (Jerry Stiller), who has quartered at the two, makes his crazy ideas and constant nagging for a lot of chaos in their lives and laughs in the audience.

'Switch-Marathon: On 12 April at 22.15 clock!

'Switch' parodied the television on television. Whether daily soap, talk show, news, advertising, Boulevard Magazine, music clip, presenters, singers, or exciting detective series - everything is being satirized. Comedy Central delighted the fans with a two-hour special of the popular sketch comedy.

'Killer Karaoke' with Steve-O: From the 14th April every Sunday at 22.05 clock as Germany Premiere!

Comedy Central shows a talent show with a difference: In 'Killer Karaoke' to the candidates present their song under the most difficult conditions. Whether they like swimming in a pool full of snakes or run through a cactus field, the motto is always: "Never stop singing!" Will be hosted by the famous Jackass the spectacle and action star Steve-O.

'Somuncu Hardcore Live!': On 19 April at 22.15 clock!

He is loud, coarse and polarized like no other. Whether politicians, Jews or homosexuals - for him to get all his fat away. To 'political correctness' puts Somuncu no value. Quick-witted, insanely accurate and mercilessly he brings out the sweeping blow and makes neither before his Turkish countrymen before self-sustaining. It is this rough but also self-critical humor gives him repeatedly transmitting a place at Comedy Central.

'Rowan Atkinson Live!': On 26 April at 22.15 clock!

The British comedian and actor, especially thanks to his role as bumbling Mr. Bean to worldwide fame. At Comedy Central, he now proves with 'Rowan Atkinson Live!' That he has to offer as a stand up comedian plenty of laughs.


On 15 COMEDY CENTRAL launched in January 2007 as the first pure comedy channel on German free TV. Daily from 20:15 clock COMEDY CENTRAL offers quality entertainment. The entertainment brand for the target group of 14 to 49 is wide and positioned at the same time offers enough space for unusual, special comedy highlights for all fans of the genre. The program mix combines quality, variety, fun and humor. Whether sitcoms, cartoons, sketches and live comedy, dramedy or the latest comedy series, COMEDY CENTRAL represents all facets of the genre.


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