"Charlie Sheen Roast" on Comedy Central

March 10, 2012 – 00:00

Last year there was quite a night for Charlie Sheen - while, on CBS, "Two and a Half Men, " the series that made ​​him the highest paid actor on TV, aired without it, the cable channel Comedy Central he was the butt of jokes stubby thrown by, among others, Mike Tyson, William Shatner and Kate Walsh, and, in real life, Warner TV, producer of "Two and a Half Men", came to an agreement with him, agreeing to pay him $ 25 million as compensation for losses suffered after being fired from the show earlier this year.

In fact, the "Charlie Sheen Roast" Comedy Central-recorded live last year at Sony Studios - less toasted skin of his "victim" and more of their own fellow mockery that seemed more concerned about offending up each other than needling the 'rockstar from Mars. "

Leading to extreme an ancient tradition of New York theater, where fellow cast glass and chose a target for teasing night behind closed doors-the series of the Comedy Central Roasts have become ritual public flogging celebrity - Dennis Leary Donald Trump - and fields (mined) training for aspiring comedians and comedians.

The Roast of Charlie Sheen was no exception. In a scenario that mimicked a sort of Olympian super plastic with Slash doing the honors of opening and Seth McFarlane (creator of Family Guy) as master of ceremonies, comedians Steve O (Jackass), Jeff Ross (dressed as Gaddafi), Jon lovitz, Amy Shumer, Patrice O'Neal and Anthony Jeselnik, more Shatner, Tyson and Walsh - spent more time doing mutual allusions to their bodies and sexual habits than trying to poke fun at the expense of Sheen. Were they afraid of the "tiger blood"?

In the end, the footprints of those who came heavier least expected - a very elegant Walsh, incorporating a "doctor" as those embodied in the series "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice", diagnosed Sheen: "It's amazing how you risk losing liver, lungs and kidneys, just lost custody of their daughters ", Mike Tyson, visibly nervous, he sent" this thing of abusing drugs and beating up a woman ... If you were black was behind bars, "and Shatner reminded Sheen to" had another guy who liked whores and walked surrounded by a bunch of friends. He was also crucified by the Jews but people love the guy today! "

Source: odyssey-aldo.blogspot.com

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