Crazy Train promo packs the participation of Charlie Sheen in TV series

September 5, 2011 – 00:00

Crazy Train promo packs the participation of Charlie Sheen in TV series

[Rolling] At the sound of "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne, two new teasers of the roast of Charlie Sheen play with the fact that nothing in the Comedy Central program will be normal.The promos Roast of Charlie Sheen won the titles Driving the Roast Express ("Express driving roast") and Tsunami in a Sippy Cup ("tsunami child in a cup" in free translation).The information is the website Deadline.
As announced in July,Sheen will be the "victim" of the attraction of the comedy channel,where comedians take to the stage to make fun of life's "honored".
The event will be recorded on September 10 and will air on the 19th of the same month,on the date the North American premiere of Two and a Half Men, Sheen series that protagonizava and left on unfriendly terms. [R7] Hit by a Train:

Since the resignation of Charlie Sheen series Two and a Half Men for his constant problems with drugs and the production of the program,it is speculated as the writers would take the character Charlie Harper's story.

Now,a solution has been disclosed - and is well grotesque.

Charlie will be hit by a train during a trip to Paris,his body will be crushed and several pieces will go flying,according to the celebrity website TMZ.

The actor,who does not hide his anger by series producer,Chuck Lorre,liked the end,despite not participate in the filming.

- I am proud to think that they needed something as big as a speeding train to get me out of the scene. Less than that would be an insult!

The ninth season of the series,with Ashton Kutcher in the cast,has its premiere scheduled for September 19 in EUA.O husband of Demi Moore was hired to cover the hole Sheen in the series.What is known is that he should receive around £ 1.5 million per episode recorded.

Kutcher has said that this is one of the best work of his life.

- In 13 years of career,I have never received so many messages and phone calls congratulating me for a job.

[] First Teaser New Season of Two and a Half Men

This is the first call issued for the ninth season of "Two and a Half Men."This is not a scene from an episode,but a situation created just for the call.The scene makes fun of trying to introduce the new character,who will be played by Ashton Kutcher.

Alan (Jon Cryer) tells his son who is surprised how things have changed since the two became policemen. "Know what the boss said? Remember that charming guy we arrested last week? "- Alan asks,turning to his son Jake (Angus T. Jones)." For he will be released and will be in our custody to live with us! "

Soon afterward,he turns to the camera and says: "Sorry guys,but do not have a simple way to introduce the new guy?"

All will be revealed in the new season of the series which debuts in the U.S. on September 19.

Sources: Rolling Stone,R7 and


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